Postcards From Home

I had entered the Muslim Voices Poetry Contest 2005 and submitted two poems. One of them placed third, and can be found in the Muslim Voices Poetry Anthology 2006, and to my surprise, here.

The inspiration for this poem came about when we were driving to a friend’s house in Reynoldsburg. I still remember the tree tops we passed by on the highway, and I remember thinking that the beauty in nature must be generously multiplied in Paradise. I admit, I am gaga over nature, spring being the most delightful season for me, and I find nature to be an inspiration for me in writing poetry.

In appreciating the beauty we see around us now, as Muslims, it should behoove us to reflect upon the Creator, and I couldn’t help but think,

“If we enjoy it this much on earth, how much more enjoyable it must be in Jannah, our home.”


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