Bayyinah Fun Day


Chain of events leading up to Bayyinah Fun Day:-

  • Ustaadh Adam sent an abnormal email to us, telling us to come at 8 am and regain those good habits, and that because of Qiyaam, we won’t be having our usual Sunday quiz expressions
  • Lunch will be provided by Bayyinah

Well, yeah that was it. That email was abnormal because of the content. It’s particularly abnormal after flashback. It’s very abnormal because of the lunch provided by Bayyinah.

Hubs kept teasing me the whole night and today morning about this, “Party day!!” and I had said, “Oh it’s just lunch.”

We came to class, and I didn’t study my expressions. I had studied and prepared for the reader and Mujarrad. I had prepared for all 3 readers. But to our horror, Ust S was carrying a stack of what looked like expression quiz, and when Ustaadh Adam came, he was carrying papers too! Out came protests,

“Ustaadh! This is not fair! You said there was no expressions quiz!”

“وعد الكريم دين”

They even put on the timer. I panicked and flipped through my binder especially because I hadn’t studied for the expressions quiz.

“It’s not a quiz,” Ustaadh Adam said to all our protests.

“Why is the timer on if it’s not a quiz??” came more protests

We were given the ‘quiz’ anyway and this was what it looked like,

جاء يوم الأحد فحزن الطلاب. وخرحوا من بيوتهم كى يأتوا الى المعهد لدراسة علم الصرف المعتلز ولكنهم حين وصلوا الى الفصل وجدوا أنه كان لهم امتحان فجائي. ولكنهم لم يكونوا يعلمون أن هذا الأمتحان ليس امتحانا حقيقبيا, بل كان مكر الأساتذة الأشرار. إذا اكملت المتحن فقم وقل: أنا لن أدرس الصرف اليوم فاليوم يوم الستراحة, ثم اخرج من الفصل.

We were supposed to translate. Well, the instructions said to put harakah and translate, but while we were doing  it, Ustaadh Adam said,

“Don’t worry about the harakah, just translate.”

I put the harakah anyway and as I was worrying and trying to figure out the harakah and meaning, a brother suddenly spoke in Arabic and the first thing that jumped to my mind was, “Wow, since when did a brother speak Arabic so fluently??”

Even before that actually, you could hear giggles and laughter as we scanned the text.

Then as soon as the brother spoke up, we all broke out laughing and oh boy did they pull a surprise on us. We translated it together though. It translates:

Sunday came so the students were sad. They left their homes so they could go to the institute to learn irregular sarf. However, the moment they arrived in class, they found that there was a pop quiz. But they didn’t know that this is not a real quiz, rather it’s a trick of evil teachers. When you have completed the quiz, stand and say “I will not learn sarf today, because today is a fun day!”. Then leave the class.

So, according to Bayyinah Dream tradition, they carve out this one day named Bayyinah Fun Day where we don’t hold class as usual. We had Jeopardy instead, and some other activities planned and lunch was on Bayyinah. Awesome!! I felt like it was such a nice treat and the mood in that classroom seemed to suddenly oppose the gloomy and rainy weather outside. Everybody was excited and happy. We moved our tables to form 4 separate groups, which the TAs had apparently formed beforehand.



For that morning period, we had Jeopardy in which every group was avoiding the تاريخ بينة category, and then Amazing Race, which was super amazing because it had us running up and down the building, cramming into the elevators like there was a riot, and rushing and running outside in the cold(!) without jackets on, looking for clues by the frozen fountain. It was definitely NOT a regular Bayyinah Sunday! It was awesome!!


Each clue we got was a part of a story (story of the hare and the tortoise in Arabic = AWESOME!) and we had to put those parts together and we had to use the dictionary to look up new vocab. I was doing this before Saturday night for the reader texts because I was too lazy to open my binder, and this definitely felt empowering.

Long story short (I am bypassing all the show don’t tell because I have more pressing posts to compose), our group won, we wagered a good amount of points, and we got to pick our prizes.

Patience had mentioned before, “I wonder what the winner will get as a prize. Maybe lunch on another day,”

I had responded, “No, I don’t think there are any  prizes for the winner. That would be too inconvenient for them.”

So, I was surprised that they  had gone to the extent of giving prizes for the winning team masha Allah! We were given a pick between Bayyinah shirts, one part of the Stories of the prophets and smaller booklets and all of us took the Stories of the Prophets.

Ustaadh Nouman also let us off early today. We also didn’t have homework. Our only homework was to practice for tomorrow, which is our reader. I had already done that last night so OMG I’m so happy today alhamdulillah.

We also had the treat of having Ustaadh Ibrahim recite like famous reciters, but what I loved the most was his own recitation, tabaarakallah!

Ustaadh Adam is the PERFECT Muslim version of Alex Trebek!!!!


BAYYINAH FUN DAY IS A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!! The Bayyinah staff are A.W.E.S.O.M.E.R!!!!!!




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