About Juli Herman

Juli Herman, born and raised in Malaysia, is a homeschooling mother of five. She is currently living in the United States with her husband and children. After graduating from Iowa State University in 1999, she stayed home and has never looked back since. Even though her degree was in Computer Science, her heart belongs in the literary art of writing, among other creative pursuits. Homeschooling and parenting three teenagers and a kindergartener has added a lot of food for thought, not to mention doses of insanity, to her writing life. Nevertheless, she continues to pursue writing as a personal endeavor, for in writing, she has delightfully found herself.

Her articles and poems have appeared in The Straight Path/An Nisaa, SISTERS magazine, Fandangle, Motherverse, HabibiHalaqas, I Got It Covered,  and several anthologies (Call Me Okaasan, Muslim Voices Poetry Anthology 2006) and newsletters. She also group blogs at Islamic Pearls, Motherverse: Mothering Out Loud, and Joy Luck Kitchen.

Addendum [January 2013]:

I have been contemplating changing the name of this blog, but decided to keep it the same for simplicity’s sake. I no longer ‘pursue’ writing actively, at least not right now, and I don’t mean that in a negative way. I see writing as a precious blessing from Allah, and an important tool in conveying good, but for now, my main pursuit has changed from writing to something else. I may go back to writing if Allah wills, but my main focus and goal right now, is not writing.

Homeschooling and parenting three teenagers and a kindergartener alongside pursuing this new pursuit has added a lot of food for thought to her life. With hope that she remains and increase on this path, she continues to strive in this pursuit,  for in this journey, she has delightfully found what truly brings joy to the heart.


50 thoughts on “About Juli Herman

  1. Assalamu alaikum Sister Julie. I found a link to this blog of yours on Amel Abdullah’s Blog “Resources for Muslim Writers”. Like you, I am also a naturally-inclined writer who ‘happened’ to graduate in Computer Science! I find it admirable that you are homeschooling so many children masha’Allah. I intend to read up on your writings very soon. Hang in there, and keep the faith.
    I have wanted so much to write for Sister’s Magazine. I applied with an article on their website address but got no response. Allah’s will! But I am glad I stumbled upon your blog, and I’d encourage you to continue writing despite all odds. Writing will keep you fulfilled and enthusiastic about life in general, inshaAllah.

  2. waalaikumsalam sadaf

    mashaallah! your credentials are impressive! mashaallah!…my 11 yr old daughter is taking the alhuda summer course right now…mashaallah so far she’s benefiting from it…alhamdulillah!

    jazakillah khair for dropping by..

    SISTERS..hmm…try again…maybe they will get back to you, or it may just take them some time to get back to you.


  3. masha’Allah another good blog, Juli 🙂
    may we all be super-people like you, one day… ameen
    May Allah always keep you in His protection, ameen.

    I love you for the sake of Allah ❤

  4. Assalaamou alaikum, Dear sister,
    You may enjoy these three small fourms

    easel and ink forum for muslim women
    the wonderful bookroom for muslim women and islamway forum (big forum)

    BaarakAllaahu feeki

  5. Dear Sister Julie,

    Assalamu Alaikum. How are you? I really enjoyed your articles in the past issues of Sister on the setbacks of grading in schools, I think we have to question the mordern system of education. The love of learning is an eternal flame that should never be extinguished. I would really love to have an electronic copy of them, could you be kind enough to send them to. usman.isa@gmail.com, my Allah reward your effort.

  6. Assalam’kum kakak,

    Ingat dayah lagi tak??? Kakak macam mane? sihat? kakak bley tak bagi personal email kak juli kat dayah?

  7. Assalamu Alaikum Sister Julie,

    May Allah bless you and your family to be well and in strong iman.

    I wrote to you last month regarding us exchanging guest articles on our blogs. I also requested of you a book review of my parenting e-book, Discipline without Disrespecting. I read in your blog that you enjoy subjects related to parenting, and I found your review of the parenting book Parent Talk to be thorough and informative.

    In my previous message I mentioned I’d be getting back with you to follow up. I’m just checking to see if you came to any decision regarding my requests.

    Thank you and jazakalakhair for your time.

    Your Sister in islam,
    Sister Rose (Grandma Jeddah)

  8. assalamu aleikum
    My name is Aysha and I’m a Director of a New Magazine for Muslim Women called “My Muslim Veil”. http://www.mymuslimveilmagazine.com.
    I’m also a student at Al Huda Institute. I’m looking for interesting articles for upcoming Summer Issue. It can be any topic of your choice related to Muslim Women’s lives. The Summer Issue will be mainly focusing on the beauty and importance of Hijab.
    I’m also accepting articles related to Ramadan.
    Please Sisters email me if you are interested.I appreciate your support.

    waaleikum salam

  9. waalaikumsalam Aysha,
    mashaallah, a fellow al huda student! and mashaallah on the magazine, it’s beautiful mashaaallah! I will email you inshaaallah. : ) jazakillah khair for dropping by : )

  10. assalamualaikum juli..lama x dengar cite…rindu kat juli..camane life kat sana..n puasa?….hope semuanya ok..hugs….

    • waalaikumsalam ellis!!! camne tetiba sampai sini plak ni? hihi….mcm biasa la sini alhamdulillah..thn ni panjang skit la puasa sbb dah masuk ke musim summer , hari lg panjang dr mlm…subuh masuk kul 5, maghrib 8:15 pm..so panjang skit dr msia…..next yr inshaallah lg panjang..makin panjang pastu nnt pendek balik inshaAllah…ellis kat sana camne? eh tgh pregnant ke dah deliver? HUGS back

  11. Assalamualykum wr! Can’t believe I haven’t commented on your bio before now… 😉
    Love the intro, and Masha Allah best luck with the kids and whatever pursuits that get your fancy! But yeah, you’re a wonderful writer, Masha Allah.

    Hugs, Mehmudah

  12. Assalamu’alaikum sister Juli. MaashAllah TabarakhAllah. It is very nice to see you are homeschooling your kids. If Allah wills, I intend to do the same with my kids. Sister, how do you manage home schooling? Is there any way you can guide me?

  13. Assalamualaikum, I read your article in the Sisters magazine that was about you undertaking the Taleem Qur’ancourse and falling in love with the Qua’an. I would also like this pleasure but unfortunately in the UK I can’t find a course that focuses on the Qur’an like the way your course seemed too. I was wondering if you could either provide me with a brief overview of the course or recommend an online course.
    Please reply.

    • waalaikumsalam Habiba,

      Where are you in the UK? I have 2 classmates there who can maybe help direct you. One of them is in Birmingham and if I’m not mistaken, they have alhuda taleem course live there. otherwise, you can take it online….here is the link….actually the part time evening course that I took, is starting this september inshaaAllah 🙂


      the other courses that has ‘regostration closed’ will restart once the current ones is done…the evening UK one started in dec 2009 and I think they may finish soon..not sure when…so if you want you can look through the courses listed and see what times fit you best..and if you want to wait till a current course finishes and join….and if you are in Birmingham, let me know..I can hook yuo up with my friend inshaaAllah 🙂 I think they have a lot going on in the UK alhamdulillah…

    • waalaikumsalam Habiba,

      subhanallah I had typed a long reply and it was gone 😦
      anyway….i was saying that I have a couple of friends in the UK who I can maybe hook you up with. In fact 2 of my taleem Quran classmates are there..one of them is in birmingham and says there is a local onsite Al huda taleem course there..where are you in the UK? Maybe I can hook yu oupw with them
      online courses can be found here
      the part time one I took will start again this sep inshaaAllah…it’s morning UK time though….if you look at the link, you will see other courses…some of them says registration closed…there is a UK evening one, but it says registration closed….i hv a feeling this course might complete soon and will restart again for the new batch, but not sure when….but yuo can look through these courses and see what times fit you best and even if you want to wait till the new batch starts…
      Taleem course is the full one that covers tafseer, word analysis, and some other subjects like seerah, fiqh of the 5 pillars, etc. Th =e fehm al quran is a briefer version and journey through quran I believe is even briefer.

      let me know where you are in the UK or if you want me to hook you up with my friends there inshaaAllah 😀

      there are a lot of stuff going on in the UK mashaaAllah!
      hope that helps! May Allah facilitate for you this journey ameen!

  14. Jzk for your prompt reply. Unfortunately, I live in West Yorkshire so not close enough to Birmingham. However, I have just visited the link you included and I’m overflowing with excitement with the idea that I may able to undertake the course.
    I can’t thank you enough for inspiring me. All day today I’ve been listening to the tasfeer of Surah Yaseen just the first part, and I’ve felt alive. Jzk for the notes under the clip very helpful.
    I’m a teacher and 39 years old; I can’t believe that I have never thought about learning the tasfeer of the Qur’an. I feel ashamed but at the same time hopeful. Make Dua that I am successful in this new life changing course.
    I pray AST showers blessings on you and your family. Remember this unfortunate sister in your duas.
    Kind regards

  15. asalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    Jazakallahu khair for visiting; I read this and couldn’t help but be curious… What is your new pursuit where you have found what truly brings joy to your heart? 🙂

    Love you fillah sister

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