Ramadan Gems

Sheikh Omar Suleiman’s Daily Ramadan Resolutions 1434

Sheikh Omar posts what he calls Ramadan Resolutions on his FB page, and I find them so beneficial, I thought I’d share them here so I myself can look back and keep them as one of those Ramadan gems and reminders. May Allah reward him immensely and bless his family here and in the akhirah. Ameen.


Prayer on Time

Sunnah Prayer

Secret Bond

Seek Redemption

Dinner Conversation

Jannah Farmers Advice

Acquaint Yourself


Braking Too Soon

A Blessed Companion

Force a Tear

A Worthy Exchange

The Daily Death

Inspired Driving

Driving Safe For Allah

Winning By Losing

Make Every Night Count

Internet Adab


Must’ve Been Last Night

Cyber I’tikaaf

Before You Share

Post Worship Convo

Inspired Clothing

The Illusion of Tomorrow

While You’re Ahead

Finish Strong

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