The Beauty Of Snowflakes

IMG_20150515_180006917We all know that one sunnah in Allah’s creations is that there is variety. Variety is beauty. In variety is great potential, and in variety is strength. If we’re all the same, we’d actually be very weak. In chemistry, molecules are formed with electrons and protons, opposites of each other. In snowflakes, subhaanallah, I was reading a book to my son about how snowflakes are formed and well, I knew that each snowflake is unique, but I never really knew what happens on its way down. So, basically, its unique shape is formed when it grows arms. Its base form is always a hexagon, and as it descends, it grows, and as I was reading it to him, I thought subhaanallah….that snowflake, as it descends, it takes on more weight and burden on it. You can say, it’s loaded upon and weighted as it falls.

However, as this happens, it takes on a growth that beautifies it, that increases it in value, and what is even more amazing is that, when it grows those arms from each  hexagonal sides/points, those arms may not even be the same length, meaning, they’re not necessarily perfect in shape. There may be imperfections in their formation.

It makes me think of human beings. Everything that Allah has created is an ayat (defined as something that points back to its creator, thus it should make us think and reflect and ponder on the greatness of its creator, its origin). In these snowflakes, I see us. Each and everyone of us. We all go through life, like a snowflake goes through its journey to earth. As we go through life, we carry more responsibilities with age. We start out with no responsibilities whatsoever, but as grow older, we are laden with responsibilities, and concerns. Just like that snowflake grows arms, we are also growing as we age. As we grow though, some of us may go through tests that break us, that take away some parts of ourselves, be it tangible or intangible, and leave us with some scars for life, just like some snowflakes have different length arms. Yet, as that snowflake continues to fall and gain momentum, it keeps growing. As we are still alive, and going through life, we keep growing. As we keep growing, even with those scars, we are increasing in beauty and value, just like that snowflake.

The lifespan of a snowflake, I wonder how long it is but I’m guessing it’s not too long. Just like our lives too. Once a snowflake lands, if you want to look at it, you have a small window of time to behold its magnificence before it starts to melt and dissolve. That is like the end of our lives, once we die, we too dissolve, and turn into another form just like that snowflake also turns into another form of matter.

In that short time span however, there is so much beauty, so much pain, so many things happening. The life of this world is like the span of time it takes a snowflake to be born and land on someone’s head or arms or the ground.

We are like those snowflakes…each and everyone of us will go through different tests and blessings in life, but what is important is that each and everyone of us in sha Allah, will increase in value as we go through life, despite imperfections. In fact, it’s those imperfections that make us even more valuable, as we have different things to offer to the landscape that is the ummah. Some of us will land on tree branches, others will land on roofs, some will land on roads, etc. Each of us will make our mark in this world whether we want to or not. Together, we give beauty, in forms of rolling hills, pristine white expanse of land.

One of our classmates gifted all of us sisters with this snowflake bookmark, reminding us that each and everyone of us is unique. I had written the above as an impromptu email way back, and I thought now that we have this bookmark to remind us of the message in this email, I’d put it up as a post.


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