Tafseer Notes

Below are links to my notes from Sh. Abdulnasir Jangda’s Ramadan tafseer series.

Tafseer Surah Maryam


Ayat 1-4

Ayat 5-6

Ayat 7-11

Ayat 12

Ayat 13-15

Ayat 16-17

Ayat 17-20

Ayat 21-23

Ayat 24-26

Ayat 27-31

Ayat 31-33

Ayat 34-38

Ayat 39-41

Ayat 41-46

Ayat 47-50

Ayat 51-53

Ayat 54-58

Ayat 59-64

Ayat 65-73

Ayat 75-76

Ayat 77-86

Ayat 87-95

Ayat 95-98

Complete Translation (no notes, just recording of lecture)

Conclusion : Message from Makkah (no notes, just recording)

Tafseer Surah Taha

Introduction and Ayat 1

Ayat 2-4

Ayat 5-8

Ayat 9-12

Ayat 13-16

Ayat 17-24

Ayat 25-29

Ayat 30-35

Ayat 36-39

Ayat 40-42

Ayat 43-47

Ayat 48-56

Ayat 57-68

Ayat 69-72

Ayat 73-76

Ayat 77-79

Ayat 80-85

Ayat 86-89

Ayat 90-96

Ayat 97-104

Ayat 105-111

Ayat 112-114

Ayat 115-120

Ayat 121-123

Ayat 124-128

Ayat 129-135

Complete Translation (no notes, just video)


Tafseer Surah Yaseen

Ayat 1-4

Ayat 5-7

Ayat 8-10

Ayat 11-12

Ayat 13-17

Ayat 18-19

Ayat 20-25

Ayat 26-29

Ayat 30-32

Ayat 33-35

Ayat 36-40

Ayat 41-44

Ayat 45-47

Ayat 48-50

Ayat 51-54

Ayat 55-58

Ayat 59-62

Ayat 63-67

Ayat 68

Ayat 69-70

Ayat 71-76

Ayat 77-79

Ayat 80-81

Ayat 82-83


Ramadan Tafseer Series

Pure Practice

Salat & Marriage

Parenting Lesson from Story of Maryam

Leadership Lessons From the Quran

In-Law Interference

Being a Slave of Allah

Through The Good and the Bad

Lessons in Patience

Quality Vs. Quantity


Stories From the Quran

A Conversation With Shaytaan

11 thoughts on “Tafseer Notes

  1. Assalamualikum Sister.

    I came across your site via twitter. Finding all your Tafseer notes very beneficial. I have shared your link on my blog for future reference. Hope you don’t mind 🙂

    May Allah bless you.


  2. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Jazakallah khair…

    One of the best initiatives taken. Keep up the good work and continue with some more speakers, especially with Dr. Khalid Yasin.

    Best of luck.


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  4. Salam!

    We are using some of your notes to help prepare the curriculum for a summer program for children at our masjid. May Allah reward you for all who benefit therefrom. Just thought you’d be happy to know!

    Jazaak Allah

  5. ‎‎ جزاك اللهُ خيرًا sister your notes have benefited immensely. May it be a great sadaqa jariya for you. Hope you can add more notes from sheikh jangdas tafseers.

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