I Dream of Arabic

I decided to compile my posts on Bayyinah Dream here on this page for easy ‘reference’. I had started a private blog on it, but then thought that in some way, maybe some people can benefit from it. This blog hasn’t really been maintained in a way that brings readers in droves, for it’s not really my intention in starting it. Throughout the years however, I have realized that even though it seldom is visited, surprisingly, when Allah puts barakah in it, it is of benefit, and so I am greedy in wanting to partake of that benefit, however little or insignificant it may be. Even if it touches one heart, will be more than enough for me. Bismillah…


I Never Dreamed…

Why Am I Doing This?

 Pause, Pause!

How Does Knowing Arabic Grammar Help with Hifdh?

Missing “Oh,”

In Front or At The End?

Grades and Exams

Transcribing for Listening Comprehension

As We Approach The End of the Quarter

To Climb or To Climb?

 First Quarter Almost Over

 First Quarter Report: Doing Dream As a Mother

Already: Qad + Madhi

 Grades, Grades, Grades…Seriously

Without [Any] Justification versus Without [the] Justification

Yahood (Al Baqarah) versus Nasaara (Aali Imran)

Be Patient, and Oppose With Patience

Reflections for this week

Allah to the Rescue

Another Much Needed Break

Doing Bad Deeds Takes More Effort

Why Me?

 Allah KNOWS…

Allah Acknowledges Our Growth and Progress

No Harming, Nor Be Harmed

Bayyinah Winter Break

 Bayyinah Fun Day

Celebrate Your Progress!

Laying Down the Law With Gentleness

Why Extra نs?

Keep Calm and Dream On


Ajrumiyyah & My Heart

Oh My Ajrumiyyah

What They Teach Us at Bayyinah

Tough Love

During: Would I Recommend Mothers To Do Dream?

Dream at 6 Months

Dream Spring Break

Towards The End of Spring Break

David Villa

Less Than 2 Months Left…

2 Weeks Left…



5 thoughts on “I Dream of Arabic

  1. Tahniah di atas kejayaan as graduate of Bayyinah Dream program. Semuga kejayaan anda menjadi sumber inspirasi & semangat kepada yang lain..

    Mabrook !

  2. Thanks so much for this I’m a senior in high school strongly considering taking this class and your blog has helped me get so much information and really picture how it is to be a dream student

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