The Dream ‘Hood

“How can it be so crazy in class??” someone said to me, referring to the Dreams students’ antics in class.

I simply laughed and said, “Well, if you’re in such an intense program, trust me, you can’t be studious and serious all the time. You need some craziness to balance it off.”

One Dream sunnah that has been increasing as of late, is gifting. What that means is that someone may decide to to give gifts to everyone, and either remain anonymous or not, and in the morning then, we’d all be pleasantly surprised with these little gifts in our individual cubbies. We’d walk in the lounge and pass by our cubbies. Most of the time they’re empty, or filled with our graded test papers/quizzes, but some days, we’d see little treats in each individual cubby, and we’d know that someone has just implemented the Dream gift sunnah. If the gift giver didn’t announce herself on the gift itself, the logical reaction would be,

“Aww this is so sweet! Who gave this?”

It’d usually be followed by,

“Don’t ask, just enjoy it and make dua for the person.”

Because some people want to remain anonymous.

Recently, someone ordered customized Bayyinah mugs for everyone, brothers and sisters. To this day, we still don’t know who the generous gifter is though I have a strong feeling it’s Ustaadh Adam, but he’s so adamant in saying he doesn’t know anything about it.




Another recent gift was the snowflake bookmark given to us by our resident Doctor on the sisters side. It’s a beautiful gift that reminds us that we’re all unique.


I had a pleasant surprise gift from Beauty which holds the memory of Kung Fu Panda that we watched over and over in class (well, kind of over and over, to the point that we got sick of it).




The food item is a Malaysian dessert called Kuih Sagu. It’s made of tapioca pearls, boiled in sugar-ed water, steamed in a pan, then cut and coated with lightly salted shredded coconuts. In the Northeastern part of the Malaysian Peninsula, they would even have this for breakfast.

We’ve had other little gifts too in the past. On top of that, there are known and anonymous people who would buy us all lunch on certain days and those days also seem to be increasing as we are approaching the end of Dream now.

In all, the bond between Dream students, is the desire to learn the language of Quran, and that in itself is a strong bond, that when adorned with sincere love for one another, is something to be cherished and a blessing in and of itself. Our bonds with our teachers, is something precious and may Allah increase the love between us and accept this from all of us. Ameen.

That, is the Dream ‘hood. Brotherhood and sisterhood. May Allah gather us in the shade of His throne on the day when there will be no shade but His. Ameen!!

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