Traveler With the Quran


I decided to start posts on this series because I find it such a motivational and inspirational series in memorizing the Quran. A fellow homeschooler who shared this with me watches these with her 6 year-old son and finds it to to be helpful in motivating him to maintain his hifdh mashaaAllah. The way I have decided to make these posts is to briefly mention the people Sheikh Fahad Al Kandari visits in each episodes and what’s unique about them, and most importantly, I try to extract the advice, tips, reminders from each episode and put them in bullet point for easy reading inshaaAllah. My hope is that those who might not have time to watch these episodes (though they are not that long) could at least benefit from the extracted points of benefit and still gain benefit from them, and those who do watch them may also benefit from seeing these points of benefit visually in permanent ‘print’. May Allah immensely reward sister Hagir ElHadari for translating these episodes into English and make it a source of beneficial knowledge and sadaqah jariah for her and for also me, long after we’re gone. Ameen.




Start Now

Don’t Despair

Why Memorize?

More Time & Effort

Choose Your Company


Memorization Plan


Practical Memorization

Connect Verses

Memorize With Tajweed

Revision Plans

Teaching Children


Respect Your Teacher

Motivate Your Child

Revise with Your Child

Pray For Your Kids




Listen More



Old Age


Pray With It


2 thoughts on “Traveler With the Quran

  1. This is one series that I watch with my kids on youtube, but stumbling upon your compilation complete with summary points for each episode…masya Allah. May Allah bless your effort and sharing, Juli, and may He ease our journey in helping our kids become hafiz.

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