How Do I Retain What I Learned in Dream?

“It would be a waste to sacrifice 9 months and then just forget it once you’re done.”

This resounded in my ears every time I fall behind in keeping up with reviewing Arabic Grammar and reading and listening and all that we’ve learned in Dream. It’s true. That 9 months was grueling, especially considering that the whole family was kind of put on hold while I focused on attending Dream. I have resumed homeschooling Z, but that 9 months, have left him a little behind. N did do school work with him but I think it became just a worksheet drill and didn’t really mean anything. However, what he gained was Quran reading fluency.

Alhamdulilah, through TAing for the Access program, I find myself scrambling for my Dream textbooks when I’m preparing for my TA sessions. As the students are learning new topics, I’m reviewing old topics, but as a TA, it’s a different kind of learning. I feel like I’m learning Arabic grammar again, but from a teacher’s perspective. I decided to TA just so I could maintain my Arabic. I didn’t really expect to enjoy it that much to be honest, but I’m finding such joy in it. I find joy in seeing students get it, in seeing them discover the beauty of the Quran and in seeing them grasping Arabic grammar. I find joy in poring over my textbooks and seeing my old notes and reviewing those concepts. I find joy in being engrossed in trying to reunderstand concepts or little details about those concepts that I have forgotten. Our old TAs are very much within reach for me to ask questions and they are just awesome at answering them masha Allah!

I really find myself looking forward to the next day’s TA session. In fact, as TAs we have to attend the live lecture too. Because I’m homeschooling Z, I asked if I could watch the recording and they allowed me. I actually find myself saying to the kids when I’m about to watch the recording,

“Ok, I’m going to relax and listen to F now!”

Most of all though, I really love my students. They’re an animated and dear bunch. I can see now how Ustaadh Adam missed us after Dream was done. I never really understood it from a teacher’s perspective until now. Today was one of those Murphy’s Law days, where during group session, my file was deleted, and my students had trouble grasping what I was explaining, my answer differed from the answer sheet answer, and we ran out of time and I felt so useless to my students. I actually went on to attend the live class just to see how they’re doing, but I didn’t stay till the end. I ended up typing up the review document for them and typing almost everything I had wanted to explain to them during group but didn’t get to.

I have signed up for the second semester of Access 1, and it’s two slots. So we’ll see how that goes in sha Allah. I hope it goes much more smoothly. My older kids are going to community college for dual credit too by then in sha Allah, so it’ll really be interesting. It’ll just be me and Z at home. I’m grateful we’re here, because there really are a lot of resources here in this city.

Today, well, yesterday rather, I was looking up some iraab on Iraab Mufassal and I found myself hooked. Today, I looked up the ikhtilaaf I had with the answer sheet on the homework that was given to the students. Oh boy, it’s awesome doing your own detective work! I know. I’m a late bloomer. Some of our classmates have already been doing this since Dream. I just caught on to it now. Well, better late than never! I’ve always considered myself a slow learner, in the sense that I’m okay with not getting everything at once. I give myself time to soak things in. I’m not in any hurry, because at a slow pace, I find that I’m able to soak in more than the core. I’m able to soak in side benefits and a regular stream of sense of achievement which is a great motivator to keep going. In this sense, slow and steady is my mantra!

This is how I approach hifdh too. I have to keep up with some aspects of Arabic grammar in hifdh too, as it matters with the nabr that we’re being emphasized in. I do admit that I haven’t been listening or reading on my own as much as I probably should. I’m also doing some other work though on top of everything else. Ahh…may Allah put barakah in all of this for our family dunya and akhirah. Ameen!


حاضرا is not part of the صلة


I was wondering why للذين التقوا  was not considered متعلق بالخبر and I was told that Iraab scholars may use different terminologies. And that خبر and متعلق بالخبر are the same.


هزوا is not part of the صلة


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