BASS! Because the Arabs Said So!

Last night, I asked Z if he could draw for me the BASS (Because the Arabs Said So) so I could use it with my students the next day. So S helped tell him what he needed to draw and he drew them and I did use it today for TAing.

In the middle of a حرب a soldier was day dreaming and looking up at the سماء until the شمس came up.
When he snapped out of it, he realized that he was the only نفس left on the battlefield


Then he realized that he was surrounded by نار


He took a دلو of water and made a سبيل and طريق to safer أرض


Through the ريح he tried looking for a بئر to draw more water from


In his search, he found a دار in which was a كأس filled with خمر


He was tempted to drink it, but he remembered the جهنم and سعير


So he picked up his عصا and struck the cup of wine.



5 thoughts on “BASS! Because the Arabs Said So!

  1. We used it in our TA ing session today by Malika Mohammed. Thought it was very creative and love the drawings.
    Please thank your son from my end 😀

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