Now That Dream is Over

Dream was over about 2 months ago today. Life after Dream has been…hectic for me. Graduation week was torture for me, and right after graduation, I was immediately thrown into my full time role as a mother. Not only that, I have to pick up the pieces of life I had left or put on hold or ignored for 9 months. Such as, cleaning the house (not that the family didn’t clean, but, the mother has more eye for details that can be crucial – and I won’t elaborate), homeschool plan for the kids (especially the older kids!), and the role of a driver (for my oldest who was doing internship with Helping Hands the whole summer.

I had to drive her to Richardson 4 days of the week every week, and being someone who is not too fond of driving especially on highways, it was a terrifying experience. The first week, a pick up truck almost drove me off the road before weaving in and out of traffic like a crazed maniac. Ever since then, whenever I am driving, I’d always look at cars behind me in the rear view mirror and everytime a car seems to be speeding, I’d speed up. Not the best solution, but either that, or I’d move to the next lane. Now, after about two months of driving, I have to say Alhamdulillah I’m still alive!

There were only a few weeks between graduation and Ramadan and this Ramadan was very different for me.

Ok, I don’t feel like writing. Subhaanallah…So just for my own memorabilia…bullet points

Post Dream Life

  • Drive Daughter to Richardson Mon-Thur
  • Ramadan – focused on slowing down and really looking at the ayaat meanings and grammatical structure, reviewing through sarfing it, analyzing the i’raab, pondering on balaghah or possible balaghah and asking questions to Whatsapp groups to the TAs and Ustaadh Nouman. Didn’t focus on Khatm Quran (it killed me but now that I look back at it, I think that was a good move for long term relationship with the Quran)
  • Attend Ustaadh Adam’s Post Dream Tuesdays reading class
  • Practice Reading Arabic by reading Arabic posts on FB by Tariq Ramadan (even copied and pasted and had my translations checked by TA through email), Sh Saleh Maghamsi, and Dr Al-Arefe
  • Prepped for TA Access – practiced Arabic typing (practically typed Juz 2 as I’m reviewing it in my head), watched the training videos
  • Started on Bayyinah writing project – Mothers of the Believers
  • Cracked my head on planning the older kids’ school plan and particularly cracked my head and stressed myself out on future college admisions and pre reqs (this was the most painful)
  • prepped for going to Malaysia

In all, I don’t feel like I’ve really gotten any break after Dream, it’s just like moving from a hectic student life to a hectic mom life. Not complaining though…because there have been a lot of blessings that have come with Dream.

We’re leaving for Malaysia tomorrow in sha Allah…staying there for 3 weeks. Hope to see the Bayyinah crew at Masjid Wilayah while we’re there.

Obviously, I’ve left writing too long. Or maybe I’m just still living in the hectic zone.




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