Less Than 2 Months Left…

I haven’t been writing since David Villa. There was a Bayyinah camping trip I wanted to write about, but a different type of exhaustion is afflicting me right now, not of academics though.

We’re at the point now where we’re almost done, people are busy partying almost every weekend, and to be honest it’s driving me crazy. But since we’re almost done, it has been brought to our attention that we should be establishing habits to preserve what we have learned and more.

In this quarter, we are now reading Tafseer Saadi in class, and we have Arabic composition in our journals, and we are also doing listening comprehension in in group periods. For myself, I have decided to start reading on my own, but while still in Bayyinah, I didn’t want to pick a heavy content book, so I picked Don’t be Sad, in Arabic of course. So far, so good alhamdulillah. New vocabulary.

For listening comprehension, we’ve really come a long way alhamdulillah. Well, for that matter, we’ve come a long way in reading too. Alhamdulillah. For listening comprehension, we’re listening to Dr Arefe’s lecture and for my own habit establishment, I am listening to the one we had partly listened to in groups, at home. We put it on during dinner, for now. Listening to it again, I hope reinforces my ability to pick up the words and get used to speech, and I want to be able to repeat what was said as easily as I am able to do it in English.

I was watching and listening to this again just now


This is my all time favorite clip. I can never get tired of it. As I was listening to it while ignoring the subtitles, I realized that I understood 99% of it, subhaanallah. I remember watching this years back, and I was relying completely on the caption, and had to ask some of my friends who knew Arabic to help figure out what he was saying towards the end. Subhaanallah….we’ve really come a long way. Alhamdulillah….


May He bless and accept this from us and make us of the people of Quran! Ameen!


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