David Villa

No, I’m not a soccer fan. I don’t care for it, but last night, in studying and preparing for our next day’s reading in class from Dr Akram Nadwi’s Usul Tafseer text, I landed upon David Villa, again and again, in my search for the possible meanings of فيا .

We started reading Dr Akram Nadwi’s Usul Tafseer last week, and we are to prep for it the day before and then we will be asked to read in class. Of course, the text has no harakaat, so we are responsible for finding out the new vocabulary and with the grammar we have learned, the proper harakaat in each word.

I enjoyed it, up till yesterday. We had Bayyinah Open House yesterday, and I ended up heading one of the booths. I realized I had no place heading ANY booth whatsoever. I was so stressed out. Alhamdulillah, it all went well. I did volunteer to man the Balaghah booth, but I didn’t think I’d be the head, but I think  we were short on volunteers, so after some shuffling I ended up as the head and so I was responsible for the booth. We had the Pick an Ayah activity in which visitors could pick scrolls with ayat number written on them and then we would explain some cool Balaghah on that ayat. In terms of preparation, this booth seemed to have required more studying. I didn’t want it to become stressful for those under me, but I think it was to some since they had to come up with their own list of ayaat they’re comfortable with explaining. Alhamdulillah though it all worked out.

So last night, we had homework and this phrase drove me crazy because I couldn’t figure out what فيا was and we were asked about this phrase in the homework too. That just made it worse because the homework was due this morning. I already stayed on campus all day yesterday from 7:30 am + all the way to past 6 pm and by the time I went home I was super exhausted and had a slight headache. Then I did the homework and I was raving mad because of فيا and getting David Villa on my desperate google search didn’t help either. I went to bed practically fuming inside.

The next morning…voila….the phrase فيا لغربة الإسلام وأهله meant “How far away is this from Islam and its people!”

My husband had also asked one of his Arab friends on Facebook, and today when I got home, he showed me what his friend said. He said, that فيا is an expression of wonderment (تعجب). How about that? David Villa, indeed!

Many people in class didn’t get it either. In hindsight it’s very comical, especially when one of our TAs couldn’t help laughing at how hard we were trying to figure out the meaning and coming up with hilarious stabbing in the dark (رجم بالغيب).

This is the nature of trying to read an Arabic text. It’s these phrases that get you, because they’re harder to figure out grammatically because they’re mostly a set of expressions.



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