Dream Spring Break

We had our Reader’s final yesterday and now we’re on Spring Break! Much needed! Ustaadh Adam had assigned us our spring  break project weeks before. I had started on it, but am not quite done. To be honest, I’m having trouble composing what I want to express. In Arabic. Not enough practice in composition. I have my story line, in English, but writing and expressing it in Arabic is not as easy as I had fancifully imagined it to be.

Our ustaadhaat also gave us Spring Break homework, which I fully embraced with excitement and love. Listening comprehension. We are to listen to a very small portion of this lecture, transcribe it in Arabic, and translate it.

Because I was so happy to do this, I actually transcribed more than I should have and ended up erasing it and then rewriting it with smaller font so that they’d all fit. That was yesterday.  It’s only today, just now that I realized after rereading the instructions, that I was only supposed to transcribe a very small portion of it. AND translate that very small portion. Well, what happened to reading instructions properly??? I don’t know…Anyway, I believe it will pay off some way. Over-achiever. Hmmpph…

I am actually wishing they’d give us something like this as a regular homework. It does take time though, but I feel it actually helps regulate us working on listening comprehension, which is something I really want out of this program that I feel I’ve had to do on my own.



One thought on “Dream Spring Break

  1. Well done, you’re an excellent student, doing more than necessary. I’m still learning the basic فعل. We have translation but usually it’s the ustaz who does for the class.

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