Tough Love

We were supposed to have class today (Friday) AND tomorrow (Saturday) and that would then mean the two snow days we have on Monday and Tuesdays were our off days in the week. However, Ustaadh Nouman had an emergency meeting yesterday all through Saturday, so he cancelled today and tomorrow’s classes. Right now, it’s actually snowing.

For the first time, we’re not having tests. It feels weird, it feels like we’re floating. I’m not complaining about not having tests, but after back-to-back learning and studying everyday every week and taking our exams every Friday for the past, many months has it been…September, October, November, December, January, February, it feels strange to learn the material during the week and not be tested at the end of the week. It almost feels like a guilty pleasure.

Ustaadh Nouman is a genius. The way he taught us the shurooh of Ajrumiyyah, was splitting us into groups of three or four, and assigning each group a section from the sharh to make sense of, and then present to the class the next d. That was what we did.

It was intimidating, but fun. It was intimidating because Ustaadh Nouman, when he picks on your reading, or your question, or your answer, oh my…be prepared to have thick skin. That’s all I can say. He even corrects Makhaarij. In fact, after he had us read in turns, he gave us advice to really work on correcting our makharij because you don’t want to know Arabic but not be able to properly pronounce the basic units of what makes up the language.

What really struck me was another advice he gave us. For reading fluency, he told us to read the same text, 10 times over, until it comes out from our mouths from our subconscious and we’re not even working our minds to figure out what harakah should come next. This was like the advice Ustaadha Samrina gave us when we were in her group last quarter. Another thing Ustaadh Nouman said was,

“You know why you’re not speaking? It’s because you’re not reading enough! if you read to the point that those words are actually in your brain with very easy access, you’d have those sentences in your head and just change a word or two and Bam, you have an Arabic sentence! When you watch An Arabic thing or lecture, don’t try to understand it word by word, but try to write out a line of a sentence. That’s what I do. Them use it. Say it, change a few things here and there. If you try to construct a sentence and think ..Mubtadaa…uhh…khabr…and then say the sentence, the person’d already be gone!”

[LAUGHTER] – we have a lot of this in Bayyinah by the way. Yup, it’s an intensive program, but it’s so much fun with all these laughter-evoking quips, jokes, antics (Oh what’s the point?! – inside Ustaadh Adam Bayyinah Dream joke)

We didn’t finish the sharh though. But those advice we got from Ustaadh Nouman, I think is priceless. He emphasized on us working on our reading fluency, and said that the Ajrumiyyah at this point, will give us no grammatical benefit, but we need to really work on our reading.

Even though he picked on us and were hard on us in class, at the end of it, he said,

“I’m proud of you all. In sha Allah, I’ll find more time to teach you guys again.”

AWWWW….Tough Love. But of course, he left us with work,

“The next time I see you, I want you to come with 15 examples of حال from the Quran, from surah you don’t already know. Owh I know them all…no you don’t.”

“When will we see you next Ustaadh?” Shereen asked (he’s always traveling anyway)

Chuckle. “Make dua.”

Next week in sha Allah, Sh Abdul Nasir is going to teach us ahadeeth! The only exam we will have it the final reader exam. We finished readers yesterday with لا تحزن . Those reader texts were great. I’ll miss them.

The week after next, in sha Allah, we’ll get Ustaadh Adam back!

May Allah bless this for all of us and accept this from all of us, Ameen!





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