Oh My Ajrumiyyah

Yesterday, after I got home, I took a nap. I usually don’t, but I was too dang tired with all this Ajrumiyyah business, plus I felt like I got the hang of it alhamdulillah. Apparently, my husband napped alongside me too, though I didn’t realize it until, all of a sudden, he woke up with a start and jumped out of bed, looking at the clock on the wall. He let out a gasp which I recognized as that specific gasp that indicates we’re late for something. I peered at the clock and saw that was it 6:30.

The first thing that came to my mind was,

“Ajrumiyyah exam!!”
As I started to get out of bed, I realized I was dressed just as I was when I took a nap the ‘day before’, and the  next thought came to my mind,

“Oh dang it! Did I sleep after Asr Thursday all the way till Friday morning??!! ”

It was an ‘أصخاب الكهف’ moment (except I didn’t start a conversation with hubs asking how long he thinks we slept, and if we should go get some pure food). I was so out of it. Then I noticed that it was a bit too bright outside for it to be 6:30 am. Usually, it’d still be dark. Then it hit me.

“Oh, it’s maghrib.”


I usually go to bed latest by 10:30 but last night, I studied Ajrumiyyah till about 12 a.m. I  had underestimated studying for it. I went through the matn that we covered in several rounds. The first round, I read through it, noting the main points. Second round, I wrote out the Arabic definitions from memory. Third round, I looked through the matn again. Fourth round, I charted each baab from memory. By then it was around 11:45 pm. I hate sleeping late and that is pretty darn late for me.

But I hadn’t practiced the readers. Readers are usually quick and easy for me alhamdulillah. I wasn’t too worried, but seeing as how I had underestimated studying Ajrumiyyah, I speed read the three readers and translated them too. Then I went to bed.

I had weird dreams of Ustaadh Nouman taking the whole class on a traveling seminar somewhere by the coast (and we students were distracted by it), and how I had strayed and was caught by this Malaysian policewoman who then took me back so I could get my ID (whcih wasn’t on me and that was why she was escorting me), but in the process, we had to climb up this room and climb through a ceiling (which she had to disassemble). Then I had another dream of someone jumping off a building and dying and I was under suspicion and I think the investigator looked like one of my classmates (I can’t remember who though!). My goodness!!

And so, yesterday in class, we had learned under the chapter of what is mansoob, for masdar, there are two types; lafdhi and ma3nawi. An example of لفظي is ضربتُ ضرباً . In this category, the masdar used has the same root letters as the فعل itself. An example of معنوي is نمتُ نوماً ميت (I slept the sleep of a dead person. In other words).

So, I did basically sleep the sleeping of a dead person yesterday! We have this in Malay, “Aku tido mati.”

So, I am wondering now if Ajrumiyyah is messing with my brain and giving me these weird dreams and making me a confused person. Ayyy….

This morning, I was running SUPER late, because I  had decided to practice the readers again after my fajr Quran and azhkaar, which meant I was REALLY running late. I got out of the house around 7:50. Exam is at 8. and I had to drop my son at the masjid. When I got to the van, a truck was parking right behind it. I went to the driver, who was an old white gentleman, and said to him,

“Excuse me sir, could you move? I need to get out.”

He turned in my direction (تلقاء) with a scowl on his face and shouted, “NO!” I think my heart stopped beating for a few seconds and what crossed my mind was,

“Oh no, is this going to be one of those Muslim hating incident. Noooo, not on Ajrumiyyah test day!”

As quickly as he shouted his NO to me, he broke into this evil but reassuring belly laugh. Shereen would have said, “Oh my GawTT!” at this moment. My immediate reaction was a reciprocating belly laugh too, but mine was of relief! Oh my GawTT…

What a way to start my Friday….

أما لامتخن, it wasn’t that bad. I had expected it to be worse, but then again, it’s always those little things that you tend to gloss over while studying that get you, so, I’m not going to taukeedly conclude that it was easy. I did realize during the test though, that while I was doing my rounds of studying Ajrumiyyah, I had glossed over the breakdown of الفاعل. It was common sense since we had learned it before, but according to Ajrumiyyah, it can be different, as he looks at grammar from a different perspective.

In class yesterday we also noted that he had left out quite a number of things too. The Ajrumiyyah is not comprehensive. Then again, we haven’t yet gotten to the شرح. Ustaadh doesn’t like it and says that it’s over-romanticized. Every year he debates over teaching it in Dream but the reason that wins each time is that it will give us an appreciation of how grammar was thought about in the past, and that this would basically be a history lesson for us.

I do feel it helps us appreciate Arabic grammar as a subject. I mean, we went into Dream studying Arabic grammar, the Noumaniyyah way. And now, we’re just being exposed to a classical traditional way. So it’s like starting by zooming in, and then adjusting the lenses, we’re zooming out and taking in a bigger picture. It’s COO’ (as how hubby would say it).

Anyhow, I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders right now and I feel much lighter especially after spending time with Fatima D going over my Baqarah revision. It feels SO good! Alhamdulillah….

Ajrumiyyah…you’re so yesterday, but I’m starting to kinda like you…just as long as I can understand you, we’ll get along in sha Allah. That is…if your شرح is not worse than you.




5 thoughts on “Oh My Ajrumiyyah

  1. Ah. Assalaamu ‘alaikum. I relate to you as I am doing my Arabic course from islamic Online University and we are yet to start Ajrummiyah, sounding like something little complex. May Allah keep us steady and make it easey for us. ameen.

    Loved reading your experience! Jazaakillah!!

  2. Glad do know i am not the only one having hilarious situations when being obsessed with studying AlAjroomiyah….Alhamdulillah me and my hubby are doing it together under a shaikh in sharjah…Jazakillahu khairan for a wonderful site..bookmarked it…May Allah grant us sincerity and ease…aameen

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