Appreciating …

I’ve been reading more than I’ve been writing, and I’ve been thinking in my head more than I am able to write them down, but I figure I need to jot them down, just because it’s important to me and for my children too.

You don’t appreciate what you have until you lose it. I was just reading today an article about gratitude and the points made by the author are so fresh that I actually took notes on them.

Ustaadh Adam was sick, and so was absent for a couple of days, so we had the TAs and Ustaadh Ibrahim sub him for those days in the morning sessions. When I was sick the past quarters and others in the class were sick, I remember the thought crossing my mind,

“Wow, don’t the TAs or Ustaadh ever get sick? They’re here everyday! Masha Allah!”

Then Ustaadh Adam got sick and what’s more, he was so sick that even the weekend wasn’t enough for him to completely recover from it.

I realized a couple of things which I am sure my classmates also realized.

  • We realized how much we miss him teaching us everyday.
  • We realized how much we appreciate him. (I’m sure we realize this every day, but the realization hit us even more)
  • We realized how awesome a teacher he is. (We realize this too every day but again, the realization hit us even more)
  • We realized how used we’ve gotten to him.

Ustaadh Adam had obligated each and everyone of us to give a khatirah after Zuhr salah everyday, and so a roster was made and we signed up for a day. The most recent one was done by Mina, and it was about respecting our teachers and each other. It was a very needed reminder for all of us. I won’t go into details about that other than that as students and I’ll add, as students of Quran, we need to watch our actions and behaviors and remind ourselves or our intentions all the time.

It was actually hard to have someone else teach us for those days he wasn’t able to make it to class. Different teachings styles, different people each session each day. Ustaadh Adam did come for the last session on some days though, the session that was supposed to be Ustaadh Nouman’s. Ustaadh Nouman is in Dubai so those last sessions have been filled with something else anyway, but having Ustaadh Adam come and still teach us for those last sessions was nice. It was nice to see him again, but, he was still not well enough to come in the morning.

I suggested that he not come or leave the house at all till he gets better so that his sickness doesn’t last as long. So did the TAs. But he insisted that he hasn’t missed coming to campus yet and he didn’t want to start. The funny thing is, as he resumed teaching us in the morning sessions again, whenever he’d make a mistake, he’d quip,

“I’m sick.”


It was really great having him back. I personally feel, that the way Arabic is being taught to us in this program makes it much less intimidating to grasp, and that for me, is important because I’ve been intimidated by Arabic grammar for years. Ustaadh Adam has a way of teaching that is organized, and you can tell he took the pains to prepare them but as Ustaadh Saeed said,

“Ustaadh Adam makes this looks so easy masha Allah.”

Those looking to do Dream may look to learn from Ustaadh Nouman and Ustaadh Nouman only, but subhaanallah…Allah has bestowed blessings and unique strengths to a variety of people, and we can all surely benefit from each and everyone of them! Alhamdulillah….for تنوع and تسوع .





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