Another Much Needed Break

Alhamdulillah we had a short class day today, with a quiz in the morning, and Ustaadh Nouman was supposed to have a session with us after, but he had to attend a meeting, so we were let out early. A lot of the girls were driving to Houston for ICNA, and a couple of them asked me why I wasn’t going to ICNA. I was too tired to explain why, and I am not sure if they really want to know my explanation anyway.

When we were in New Mexico, because there was a dearth of Islamic activities where we were, we always ended up going for road trips to attend classes or events at least 4 hours away. AT LEAST 4 hours away. Some of the times, it was on a packed and tight schedule too. Traveling for us has always been interesting. My youngest son has multiple food allergies, and before any road trips, I always have to rack my brains to figure out his food arrangements. Most of the time, I end up cooking his food ahead of time, planning it to the details, and executing the plan on the trip, and so far alhamdulillah execution has been great. I truly feel like Allah’s blessings and help are manifest in our travels, especially with the food allergies. I’m too tired even to type how he has reacted, but in short, traveling for us, requires more than just simple packing or even food prep.

Hubs is also the kind of man who likes to live simple and prefers to do things in a way that doesn’t require much expenses, which will mean that we have to make do without certain things. We have slept in the van on our road trips. Surprisingly, even the kids prefer to do that because they say it’s too much of a hassle to stop somewhere, get the bags out, change into PJs, sleep at a motel, then pack again and head out. When we took votes for if we’re going to sleep the night in the van or at a motel on some road trips, the 3 older kids voted to sleep in the van. (!) We even had to persuade them to stop and sleep at a motel.

We also moved to Dallas because Dallas has an active Muslim community. When I told hubs about Story Night in Austin, he said,

“We’re already here. We’re not traveling.”

I initially wanted to go to Houston for ICNA, but after spending a couple of weekends going here and there, I felt like I needed to just lock myself up at home on that only day that I have a break from Bayyinah. Not that I don’t like going to class. I  just need that break to recuperate and recharge myself from being around people and from being out of the house all the time.

Hubs has a point though. We are here. Our frequent traveling days might have been over, at least for now. Who knows what’ll happen after Bayyinah.

So, I am not going to ICNA. I just replied,

“I’m tired.”

when I was asked why I wasn’t going. Truth is, it’s more than just being tired. It’s being exhausted to the nth degree. Life already feels like a whirlwind 6 days of the week every week with me rushing out the door in the morning and coming home mentally and physically spent. It doesn’t help to push it during the breaks by continuing living at such a fast pace. There is a time for everything. There is a place for everything. Right now, Bayyinah year, we’re just going to take it easy in sha Allah, and enjoy each other’s company during the breaks, because we have rights upon each other too.



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