First Quarter Almost Over

Next week is our last week for the first quarter in sha Allah. We will have a comprehensive exam covering all the materials we have covered since the beginning, and then, we start studying sarf (morphology) in the second quarter! Before Dream, I actually dreaded doing sarf because I had a hard time memorizing it. But now, after doing the basics grammar, I feel that knowing sarf will REALLY help and actually make it easier!

So, I have understood a bit more of what it is we’re doing in Dream (:P). Part of the purpose of Dream is to enable us to go through tafaseer in Arabic and go in depth with Quran studies that way. When we do i3raab in class, we students are always caught up in the minute details of doing it such as,

“Do we write this as ____? Does the order matter? Isn’t this supposed to be written as ____?”

and either our TA or Ustaadh Adam would have to keep telling us,

“Don’t worry too much about it.”

Ustaadh Adam said, “I tell you not to worry about i3raab and then one of you go, ‘Ustaadh! I have a question! Where is the khabr?’ and I tell you, ‘Don’t worry about it,” and another one of you say, “Ustaadh, is that the muta3aliq bil khabr?”

The reason we’re being taught i3raab is not to go crazy over those little details such as what terminology to write and if the order matters, etc, but the purpose is so that we become familiar with these terms and i3raab in general because when we study tafaaseer, we will come across these i3raab and the i3raab are important for us to understand the ayaat. Scholars have discussions on the i3raab and there can be different takes on them and so it gives richness to the meaning of the ayaat.

Conversation is also not an emphasized part of the program because as I’m learning, whatever Arabic we will learn, when we speak it to our Arab friends, will sound funny. I knew this from before, and to be honest, it’s a shame. I mean, I personally don’t care much for conversational Arabic. I want to learn Arabic because I want access to the resources for Islamic and Quranic study. In Dream, we are not encouraged to learn Aamiyah or even use it if we already know it. They even mentioned that people are impressed when you can ‘speak’ Arabic, but really, I guess it depends on why you’re learning it. For me, I want to understand lectures, books, and as for speaking, that’s quite secondary. In Malaysia, students are sent overseas to Jordan and Egypt and they learn the fushah and they speak fushah. So they don’t really speak Aamiyah either, unless they pick it up when they are overseas.

I’m excited to go into the second quarter in sha Allah. 2 months down, 7 more to go in sha Allah. Bismillah….


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