To Climb or To Climb?

So… was today’s exam?

To be honest, once I got the paper, things went very smoothly and I was done with 99% of it in half an hour. Then I thought I’d take a mental break, stare out the window at the Dallas highways, say some durood, so that I can check my answers with a new fresh pair of eyes, instead of okaying any mistakes I make mentally.

I did that but it didn’t last long. I went over and checked it and found mistakes, some glaring, some not, and then there was the 1% that I couldn’t figure out. It was English to Arabic translation. I forgot what the sentence was (Dream students are wired to forget stuff on Fridays right after the exam and recall them again Saturday night, uhuh!), but it has to do with the word ‘climb’.

What we have been given as vocabulary this week with regards to that was

صَعِدَ يَصْعَدُ صُعُودًا

but when I was reading the oral for the oral test, I had read it as صَعَدَ , and as I was reading it during the oral test, I stopped midway because I suddenly remembered that it was with a kasrah on the ع  in the vocab sheet.

Then, as I was checking and deciding how to ‘correct’ يَصْعَدُون , I remembered the ayah,

Sahih International

[Remember] when you [fled and] climbed [the mountain] without looking aside at anyone while the Messenger was calling you from behind. So Allah repaid you with distress upon distress so you would not grieve for that which had escaped you [of victory and spoils of war] or [for] that which had befallen you [of injury and death]. And Allah is [fully] Acquainted with what you do. [3:153]

and so I changed my answer to يُصْعِدُونَ , realizing that it could be from a different family, that of أَسلَمَ . As I was deciding to turn in my exam, I figured that question was a goner. I knew I was going to lose points on that one at least, no big deal.
But I grew curious as to what it meant, and alhamdulilah, Ust F was on campus, so I asked her and subhaanallah, I am again reminded this week of why exams are beneficial when you take it to the next level beyond just doing the exam and looking forward (or not) to your scores.
She took me on a journey through, and then, and lanes lexicon and it was an amazing journey!
She looked up صَعَدَ and أَصْعَدَ in and found صَعَدَ to be like climbing or ascending a ladder or the like. For أَصْعَدَ, the meaning is still ascending or climbing, but it also includes to journey in the land. Then we looked at one of the tafaaseer, and found that there are variations of the this word in the different qiraah. That’s one interesting extra tidbit I learned, subhaanallah! Then :-
المسألة الثانية: الإصعاد: الذهاب في الأرض والأبعاد فيه، يقال صعد في الجبل، وأصعد في الأرض، ويقال أصعدنا من مكة إلى المدينة، قال أبو معاذ النحوي: كل شيء له أسفل وأعلى مثل الوادي والنهر والأزقة، فإنك تقول: صعد فلان يصعد في الوادي إذا أخذ من أسفله الى أعلاه، وأما ما ارتفع كالسلم فإنه يقال صعدت.

and again the concept of journey or scattering through the land is there. So, it seems that this form أَصْعَدَ was used in this ayat, to maybe kind of indicate that the way they were climbing Mount Uhud was in a panicked state (which it was) and so it was more like scattering and running whichever way they could. Interesting!

Mental note: ask Ustaadh Nouman about this next week in sha Allah!

And so, my exam gem this week => Make the exam serve you beyond studying and grades. Take it further into deeper territories of Quran and Arabic to remind you of why we’re doing this in the first place.

As Sh AE likes to say, “Ay Na’am!”





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