As We Approach The End of the Quarter

In sha Allah we’re about to come face to face with our quarter finals, and be tested with our first 4 pages of Al Kahf memorization. To be completely honest, I actually look forward to this just because we have one extra day of off day that weekend. Instead of having the quarter final on Friday, we are to have it on Thursday in sha Allah. My weekends have been crazy, and since my husband and 2 daughters are now attending the Bayyinah 10 day Fundamental of Classical Arabic program, our schedule has been extra hectic.

For the past 2 weeks, right after class ends, I’ve been picking up the 3 kids from home, dropping them at the masjid, picking up my son, dropping him home and then rushing back to campus to do my homework. The homework are getting longer to complete. Before, I was able to complete them in about 15 minutes or half an hour max. So with this schedule, I arrive home around 4-4:30 sometimes 5 pm. Hubs and the girls have to leave for Bayyinah campus around 6:30 pm, so we have to have dinner between 5:30-6:30 pm and they have to help clean up before they go too, I’ve been rushing back home after homework is done, and then cleaning up at night after they’re gone. It’s been somewhat crazy but good crazy alhamdulillah.

I miss the peace of my weekends though. Last weekend, I was supposed to go to Plano for the Al Huda convocation but last minute change of plans had me in Irving all Saturday. Last minute decision also landed us at the ICI fundraising that night. But I’ve just been feeling overwhelmed on Saturdays lately, especially since it’s my only off day. This Saturday, 2 of the kids are in the ICNA Young Muslims Competition so we have to go to Richardson, and the Bayyinah Qiyaam is also happening on Friday-Saturday fajr. And I just learned today too that the ICNA thing is also going on next weekend, so we have to go to Richardson this weekend AND next weekend!

I have to skip the Bayyinah Qiyaam, considering its location also, and my sanity and stress level (ironically). Too much stuff going on. Last week, I was overwhelmed, but a short power nap amidst all the craziness rejuvenated me and so I was refreshed on Sunday when we resumed class for this week alhamdulillah. I don’t want to push myself too much to the point that I’m too exhausted to focus in class, so unfortunately, I’m going to have to make some hard decisions and not attend some things that I want to attend.

Staying healthy and avoiding getting sick is also another thing. Alhamdulilah, so far so good. This week’s material has me a little worried because I feel like I’m not as solid with it as I am with the other chapters. We’re also going faster with the Arabic readers and are expected to read the Arabic texts without harakah correctly grammatically, with fluency. So far, I find this relatively easy, but they are getting longer and I guess it just takes a lot of practice for fluency.

For quarter finals, we will be tested on all that we’ve covered since Dream started, and the first 4 pages of Al Kahf. I was thinking today, that I just realized one more goal I have for this Dream year. I want to solidify what I have memorized of the Quran thus far, so that once I’m done with Dream, I can pick up where I left off in hifdh with my teacher and I hope she will still take me on as a student! I need to work hard on this though, because it’s too easy to slack off in reviewing constantly especially when I have trouble in some parts. For now, what I’ve been doing is reciting to a haafizhah who is also a Dream student, in the mornings on campus, before class starts. So far, so good. Just need to have istiqaamah in this in sha Allah.

Alongside that, the kids are also having good progress in their studies (secular and religious) alhamdulillah. They’re also getting extracurricular activities which they seem to enjoy a lot. A fellow classmate asked me this week,

“How are your kids liking Dallas?”

“Well, we haven’t actually talked about it, but they are loving the ICI club activities.”

Subhannallah, if you think about it, materialistically, life was better back in New Mexico compared to here, especially since we are living in a ghetto area. Not to mention the Texas critters. However, there is so much barakah in the communal aspect of life here. It’s true that community makes a big impact on you. For so long, we have worked so hard to provide an environment in our home for the kids that usually is very different than the environment outside the home, even in our Muslim community. I’ve always felt like I was standing in the middle of a river, withstanding a strong current, and I was exhausted. Now, alhamdulillah, it might be crazy schedules that we are facing, but, subhaanallah, Allah gives ease in many other things, and I feel the barakah. What I’ve made dua for, I’m seeing, alhamdulillah. It’s such a huge difference. My son used to recite monotonously before and resisted beautifying his recitation. He was the only one doing hifdh in that community for a long time until another boy joined him. But now, with a multitude of huffaadh and huffaadh to be in his midst, I see a huge difference in his commitment and inclination towards it. An active community does make a huge difference. Subhaanallah. I knew that in theory, but now I know it in practice. Allah truly is al Lateef and al Hakeem.

May Allah continue to make it easy and place a lot of barakah in this for all of us and our families and friends. Ameen!


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