Transcribing for Listening Comprehension

We had a midterm meeting with our TAs to discuss our goals and to give feedback. I had listed listening comprehension as one of my goals, so my TA recommended transcribing Arabic lectures/videos for about 1 min just to get used to it. She said that a brother had done that and it had improved his reading and comprehension and writing significantly. Since I had been listening to Sh Ayman Suwayd’s videos on Itqaan bil Quran way back, I decided I would try transcribing them. I had a crack at this last week, on Friday as soon as I came home after the exam.

For some reason this excites me and even though we had just done the exam and are supposed to not want to touch anything grammar, I felt a renewed sense of energy. May it remain and may Allah grant me istiqaamah in this . Ameen.

I figured, realistically that I can do this once a week, transcribe for 5 minutes. Last week, I took my transcription to my TQ and we  listened to the 5 minutes together and she corrected my transcription and helped me understand what was said in those 5 minutes. Last week, I transcribed Sh Ayman Suwayd and one of Dr Faadhil’s لمسات بيانية on Ya hasrah. But it was difficult transcribing his episodes because they’re mostly dialogues between him and the host of the program. I decided that it is easier to transcribe Sh Ayman because his enunciation is clearer and he’s addressing the audience so there is no dialogue going on. I’ve always found it easier to listen and understand him anyway, but of course then again, it’s not like I’ve been listening to a whole bunch of Arabic lectures!

I figured that this is the best time to do this and that I might as well utilize my time in this Dream program to do what I can because this is when I will have direct access to the TAs and Ustaadh Nouman and Ustaadh Adam, alhamdulillah. I have to keep up with my Quran questions too. Those are ongoing.



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