Details of Prophet’s SAW Qiyaam: How much time for each position?


taught by Sh Omar Suleiman on ILMFLIX

How much time did Prophet saw give to each position?

In hadith of Hudhayfa Ibn Al Yaman r.a., “The Prophet saw went into ruku and said Subhanala rabbiyal 3azdheem. His ruku lasted as long as his standing. He rose and it lasted as long as his ruku (the position most people would skip). Then Prophet saw went into sujud and it was longer than all of them.”

This shows us ,“those who spend their nights in worship in sujud and qiyam”

Sujud is always the cream of your salah whether in fardh or nafl prayer. Sujud is your spot. Ibn Qayyim said, “The rest of salah is an introduction to the sujud.”

The Prophet saw said, “That is the closest a person will be to Allah.”

Spend time in your sujud. This was in and outside of Ramadan. Sometimes when you pray in the last ten nights of Ramadan, the imam would spend longer in sujud. This was the sunnah of the Prophet saw in all of his qiyam. His ruku and sujud is equal to his standing and he’d make dua as he pleased in those situations.

This is my notes from the ILF class Stranger In the Night, taught by Sh. Omar Suleiman. I thought I’d share my notes this way (piece meal)  on top of uploading them as 1 big file. It will also motivate me to actually finish cleaning it up in sha Allah! May it be of benefit. Ameen.


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