What Type Of Society Qiyam Created in Madinah


taught by Sh Omar Suleiman on ILMFLIX

What type of society qiyam created in Madinah

When Surah Muzammil (3rd surah) was revealed, Prophet saw said, “Oh Khadijah, madhaa  3ahdu nawm[ the time for sleeping is gone].” He repeated it 3 times.

Prophet saw was foremost in waking up his family for qiyam. Hadith narrated by Umm Salamah (mufti among sahabah and muraabi (scholar who raised many of companions and other wives due to seniority and knowledge) Prophet saw would appoint her to wake up the other women for qiyam.

She said one night Prophet saw woke up and said, “Subhanallah how many fitan has descended tonight and how many treasures have been disclosed.[he was talking about what  had happened that night] Go wake up the women in the hujuraat. A well-dressed soul in this world might be left naked in the hereafter.” Prophet saw was talking about being deceived and deluded by this dunya. The wording that Prophet saw used is interesting because there is a narration that has a slight weakness by Jabir, Prophet saw said the mother of Prophet Suleiman a.s. used to say to him, “Yaa bunayya don’t sleep  [recording skipped]….”

Abdurrahman ibn Abu Bakr said, “My father used to wake us up at night in the middle of the night for qiyam and on the nights of Ramadan we were worried that we would miss suhur.”

Abu Rayhaanah (one of tabieen) went out in battle for several months and his wife narrates this “He came back after several months of being in battle. I prepared that house welcoming him back and he walked in. Before he embraced anyone he asked permission to pray qiyam and went on to ajr not even realizing it. She said at the end of it, “Don’t I have a portion of your time?” (alaysa li nasSeeb?)

Couples who pray qiyam together has special maqam(station)  with Allah as zhaakireena wa zhaakiraat. They will come on Day Of Judgment as zhaakireena wazhakairaat.

Silah ibn Aysham was the husband of one of great salaf Mu3aazha al Adawiyah . They prayed qiyam on their wedding night till Fajr. Silah was well known for his qiyam to the point that Jafar ibn Said said that “When we went to Kabul, I noticed that at night Silah pulled away to pray qiyam and I followed him to the forest. I sat in a tree and listened to his recitation. While he was praying, a lion came to him and roared in front of him and roamed about him as if to attack him. Silah gestured to him to find his rizq elsewhere. Lion roared and literally walked away from him. “

This was protection from Allah. This was how the people took Qiyam. This is something to be enjoined between husband and wife, mother daughter, father and son.

Imam Ahmad said, “As a child my mom used to wake me up for qiyam. When she got older I used to wake her up for qiyam.”

[Hadith in Bukhari] Abu Uthman said, “I stayed at house of Abu Hurayrah for 7 days, Abu Hurayrah and his wife and servant had an interesting agreement, they had a 3rd of night designated for themselves. His wife would pray 1st third and then servant 2nd third and Abu Hurayrah 3rd third.”

This was the society that was created. Said Ibn Musayyib “If you were to walk through the streets of Madinah there wasn’t a single home you would pass by except you would hear the Quran being recited out loud at night. “

The Quran is recited out loud at night and it starts with the house of the Prophet saw. Umm Hani: “I used to sit on my roof so I could hear Prophet’s saw recitation at night.”

Imam azhabi said, “As sahabah used to get tired, they would raise their voices.”

The later at night, the higher voice. This is sunnah. Ibn Umar said, “the 1st act of worship that will be lost in this ummah is tahajud. And raising the voice while reciting.”

Abu Qatadah said,  “One time the Prophet saw went out at night (he used to roam streets at night) . He passed by the house of  Abu Bakr and heard him praying and then passed by the house of Umar and heard him praying and then went home. The next day, he met Abu Bakr and said, ‘Yaa Abu Bakr, I passed by you last night while you were praying and your voice was very low.’  Abu Bakr said, “The one I wanted to hear Me I made Him hear.” Prophet saw turned to Umar and said, “Yaa Umar, your voice was really really loud. Umar said, “I’m doing away with my drowsiness and driving the shaytaan away.”

Both are permissible. To show that both are permissible, Abu Hurayrah said that the Prophet saw’s recitation was sometimes loud and sometimes low. Not mandatory to say out loud. A general rule when reciting at night, recite out loud as a means of keeping yourself attentive. Even if you’re praying made up prayers at night, read out loud and if praying during the day, recite silently. This is just a characteristic of praying at night.

Prophet saw used to lead some sahabah in salah in their homes for qiyam. Anas came to house of Umm Sulaym and said that Prophet saw  led himself, his mom and an orphan for qiyam. Back then to use restroom, they used to have areas that were designated. It’s called al manaasi3 (close to Baqee) where wives used to relived themselves.

Aisha said that, “Once, Prophet saw was coming late from Isha and saw me returning. he asked her, ‘Where were you?’  I was listening to a recitation from one of your companions, So she and prophet saw went outside to that house and listened. Aisha said that Prophet saw turned to her and said “This is Salim mawla Abi Hudhayfah. Alhamdulillah, who put in my ummah a man like that.”

Aisha once also said listening to recitation of Ababad Ibn Bishr. Prophet saw would tell them, “I heard you last night,” and would also correct them if they did mistake.

Prophet saw said to Abu Musa ash Shaari “If u were to see me last night when I was listening to your recitation, you have been given the recitation, sweet voice of Daud.”

When Salahuddin was on the hills of Hiteen, he’d walk through his tents every night and if he saw lights were off during qiyam, he’d say, “We’re not ready.” This is where hazeemah (defeat) comes from. When he saw lights on in tents of Muslims, he said, “Now victory will come to us.” That’s when Salahuddin makes his march upon al Quds.

This is my notes from the ILF class Stranger In the Night, taught by Sh. Omar Suleiman. I thought I’d share my notes this way (piece meal)  on top of uploading them as 1 big file. It will also motivate me to actually finish cleaning it up in sha Allah! May it be of benefit. Ameen.


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