What Keeps A Person Sleeping?


taught by Sh Omar Suleiman on ILMFLIX

What are 2 surahs that the Prophet saw always read before he slept?  Sajdah & Mulk

It was narrated in Bukhari that Prophet saw  never slept without reading them. Both of them mention qiyam and they address different aspects of night that keeps a person sleeping.

What keeps a person sleeping?

Shahawaat or wants to be well-rested to pursue his dunya tomorrow. He didn’t feel a great enough connection to wake up. In surah Sajdah – they fight with their sides (their beds = literally trying to get out of their beds)…in fear and in hope. Scholars say that fear would make you wake up more than hope. Allah preferred fear than hope with regards with qiyam.

Sahih International

They arise from [their] beds; they supplicate their Lord in fear and aspiration, and from what We have provided them, they spend. [As Sajdah 32:16]

They stand in fear and hope , fighting with their beds

And from what He gave to them, they spend

Allah connected sadaqah with qiyam. Allah does this also in Surah Azh-Zhaariyaat: – “They used to sleep little of the night and used to seek forgiveness at the end (sahr, right before Fajr) and during day they would spend upon those who ….

Sahih International

They used to sleep but little of the night, [Az Zhaariyaat 51:17]

Sahih International

And in the hours before dawn they would ask forgiveness, [Az Zhaariyaat 51:18]

Sahih International

And from their properties was [given] the right of the [needy] petitioner and the deprived.[Az Zhaariyaat 51:19]


The beauty of that connection, is that once a person has tasted the sweetness of being connected to Allah, it Automatically diminishes their appetite for dunya.

Ibn Daqeeq: “How can you read this verse and not pray at night when Allah mentions the reward for it right after?” [And so no person knows what Allah has stored for them qurrata a3yun..as a reward for that what they used to do (qiyam)]

Allah is saying “I will give you something you can’t even imagine.”

Abu Haazim (a great tabiee) :- “I am amazed by Jannah. How could the one who’s requesting it go to sleep and I’m amazed by hellfire. How can the one who is running away from it go to sleep at night?”

It doesn’t make any sense. You’re asking for something that  is greater than anything.Imagine if you have a new business venture tomorrow that will change your life forever, how will you sleep that night? Imagine you’re going to the doctor tomorrow and you are in the advanced stages of cancer, how will you sleep that night? Prophet saw particularly talks about Quran, that it takes away from our desires.

An authentic hadith from Sunan ibn  Maajah ibn Buraydah, that Prophet saw said, “The Quran will come on Day Of Judgment like a pale man and says, “I’m the one that used to keep you up at night and thirsty during the day.”

Everything on Day Of Judgment becomes human as far as deeds are concerned. The Quran is naturally supposed to keep us up at night.

In Sahih Muslim from Umar r.a. the Prophet saw said, “Whenever the one who memorize the Quant stands up at night and reads it at night, he would be able to remember it, and if he doesn’t stand up with it at night, Allah will take it away from it.”

It’s a cure from desires. Allah mentions that in surah Sajdah. Then Allah addresses the other aspect of it in surah Al Mulk. The reward for reciting Surah Al Mulk at night is protection from azab of qabr. Allah will allow you to rest in peace[RIP] till the Day of Judgment, so deprive yourself for 5 min every night to read it every night. There is mention of life and death in this surah.


This is my notes from the ILF class Stranger In the Night, taught by Sh. Omar Suleiman. I thought I’d share my notes this way (piece meal)  on top of uploading them as 1 big file. It will also motivate me to actually finish cleaning it up in sha Allah! May it be of benefit. Ameen.


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