Traveler With the Quran: Summary

TravelerQuranIn this last episode of Season 1, Sh Fahd summarizes all the tips he has given in all the episodes in this season.

Points of Benefit:

  • intend it only for Allah
  • seek assistance from Allah
  • it’s a great task and not as light as you may think
  • don’t think that it’s your parents, teacher that makes it easy, but it’s only Allah who can make it easy and doable
  • abandon all types of sin, don’t think that Allah will facilitate the memorization of His book while you keep sinning
  • if a person is trying to remember and trying to memorize the zhikr of Allah, Allah will put the circumstances in that person’s service
  • everything in his life will facilitate him to help him in this journey
  • memorizing Quran is not difficult, it has been made easy by Allah
  • plan a small portion and everyday and set your intention to memorize the Quran!
  • dedicate your time and effort towards this goal
  • once you start never say, “I don’t have time.”
  • Don’t work on it one day and skip it on other days
  • never make your daily memorization practice be of a secondary importance
  • the Quran is a big deal, don’t just give it time when there is nothing else to be done
  • stay away from negative people
  • a passive person may be a good religious person but a negative person will hinder and discourage you from memorizing
  • be around those who will benefit you
  • it’s very essential to learn the Quran from interaction with a teacher
  • find that qualified teacher and seek him with utmost struggle
  • the proficient is with the noble scribes which means that he will be resurrected with the prophets and angels
  • this is because he recited the Quran with perfection and tajweed till he reached the level of proficiency
  • it will be said to him on the Day of Resurrection ” Recite and elevate, similar to how you used to recite in the dunya. For that, your rank in Jannah is at the last ayat you recite.”
  • these words are not said to just anyone on that day, but only to those who memorized the Quran
  • any project you undertake needs a detailed plan
  • start with the intention ow, the end if yours to determine
  • it just depends on your ability and level of commitment
  • what matters is not the duration of the time but the perfection you achieve through it
  • if you wish to memorize in 1 year, you need to memorize 2 pages daily
  • if you wish to memorize in 3 years, you need to memorize 1 page daily
  • if you want 5, 1/4 hizb (2-2.5 pages) per week – this is less than half a page per day
  • this Quran is a great mercy given y Allah to give us opportunities in this world but unfortunately, people are busy with other things such as seeking this world only
  • you won’t finish memorizing without revision
  • revise at least 1 juz per day everyday
  • weekly revision plan, choose a day in the week when you may not do new memoriation
  • revise whatever new memorization you  had finished that week
  • the monthly revision plan  is to revise at least 5 juz in a month
  • 5 juz is not much at all
  • live according to the Quran and apply it in every aspect of your life
  • it would be a great calamity if the Prophet saw, witnesses against us on the Day of Judgment, saying, ” Oh my Rabb, my people have abandoned the Quran.”
  • that’s why we need to quickly return to the Quran not just by memorizing but by acting upon it
  • of that which help you continue memorizing is to read the biographies of the sahabah, it will impact your heart
  • understand what you are memorizing
  • if you for example you memorize one page today, open up the tafseer and read it
  • a sustainable small amount is better than a non sustainable big amount
  • when memorizing use only one Quran print, don’t start with one print and change to another afterward dung memorization
  • there are many prints and the annotation of each is different
  • the Quran is your prescribed way of life, it’s the word of your Rabb and it’s an interceder on the Day of Judgment
  • its speech is beautiful in content, beautifully articulated, like a well rooted tree with delicious fruits
  • no speech can be any better than it
  • utilize fajr time for memorization
  • make sure fajr time is a central time in your memorization routine
  • pray your voluntary prayers with what you memorized
  • compete with your peers, challenge each other in memorizing Quran
  • humble oneself to its recitation and feel the words in the heart
  • keep positive people around you and avoid negative people
  • try to practice fast reading so you can easily revise large memorized portions
  • listen to your favorite recite and repeat after him while driving, working etc
  • write as you memorize, keep a notebook for it so that in the end you have your own handwritten Quran
  • don’t just memorize the Quran, but perfect it too. After memorizing a page, look at it and read it at least 15 times. This will engrave the image of that page in your heart
  • never leave Qiyaam, the holder of Quran is known by his nights when others are asleep

How to memorize the Quran in 10 year regardless of profession or age


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