Traveler With the Quran : Pray With It

TravelerQuranIn this episode, Sh Fahd visits Arab Ar Raml in Egypt and talks to a group of non Arabic-speaking students at the Quran school from Uzbekistan, China, and many others places who went there to learn Arabic and the Quran.

Sh Fahd also talks to Muhammad, a 20-year-old famous young haafidh who has been leading taraweeh internationally including Brazil and China. He also meets with Haafidh Sharif, the 12-year-old boy who at such a young age has mastered the 10 Qira’aat.

Points of Benefit:

  • The Quran is a great miracle and so is its engraving in the hearts
  • you will find millions of people of all race, age, locations memorize the same Quran, all 600 pages
  • it’s impossible to find any other book on the face of the earth that is memorized this way
  • that is why Allah has challenged with this Quran, all humanity
  • what is more amazing is that you will find many young children age 5, 6, memorizing the Quran and you will find illiterate people memorizing it by listening and you will find blind people also memorizing it and even more amazing is mentally disabled people memorizing it!
  • A lot of people don’t even speak Arabic, yet they  perfect its recitation and memorization
  • The Quran has been preserved in the lauh Mahfuz but it has also been preserved in the hearts of the memorizers
  • recite what you memorize in all your prayers, not your 5 daily prayers only but in voluntary prayers
  • For example, recite your new memorization in the sunnah of fajr
  • if you wish to delay these voluntary prayers to the night, that is excellent
  • qiyamulail is for the memorizer of the Quran
  • as a haafidh, this is a habit that should never stop. Never leave the qiyamulail
  • the holder of Quran is known by his nights when others are asleep
  • if you can’t wait that late, pray it after Isha
  • pray the night even if just 2 rakaah
  • you will tremendous in praying with these ayaat
  • you will also see how firm and solid it gets over time with this habit
  • that’s what the sahabah used to do too!

From the Hifdh Club : Virtues of Praying With the Quran



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