Traveler With the Quran : Competition

TravelerQuranIn this episode, Sh Fahd visits Turkey and meets with Sh Abdullah Ustah, the founder of a Quran institute in Turkey, who started memorizxing at age 4 in the masjid. Once, they were 18 of them sitting in the masjid learning Quran, when there was a knock at the door and the teacher evacuated all of them into a hiding place underground. It was during the time when militants and colonialists were spying, trying to get rid of any Quranic activities. People were in fear, difficulty and poverty. He had to learn the Quran in secret and in hiding.

He also takes us to Morroco, to Tazkoot City, in a remote area in the mountains to visit a Quran center. Then he visits Egypt and talks to a young haafidh, 13-year-old Yusuf, whose father would recite Quran while walking him to school and by the end of kindergarten, he had memorized Juz Amma and thus began his journey in memorizing the entire Quran. He finished memorizing at age 9.

Points of Benefit:

  • one of the important tips that help you in memorizing and retaining it is to participate in competitions as they help keep you connected to the Quran
  • the Prophet saw told us that it’s so easy to forget the Quran, so it’s important to be strive to keep it
  • There are many competitions at the regional, state, international level
  • Such competitions allow you to compete with others and strengthen your memorization

From the Hifdh Club: The Importance of Revising the Quran


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