Traveler With the Quran: Old Age


In this episode, Sh Fahd takes us to Egypt to find older  people who memorized Quran and found a wealth of them. He visits Arab Ar Raml and meets with a 66-year-old woman, Hajjah As Sayida As Sayid Al Sharif, who memorized the Quran in 3 years. She started with memorizing Surah Al Kahf by listening and reciting after the imam. Thereafter she attended the Quran school and memorized with a teacher. She’s also now teaching the Quran,  mashaa Allah, to the old and the young. He also meets with Abdul Mu’iz, who used to work as a janitor in the school. He started memorizing the Quran around age 50. It took him a year to memorize it because he wanted to do it so much. He had started to memorize 10 years before retirement because the imam was reciting so much Quran that he couldn’t sleep that night and two ayaat kept playing in his mind. Those ayat touched his heart and the next morning, he started memorizing. He memorized a 1/4 hizb a day and revises 5 juz a day. He does it because he is afraid of losing it because of old age.

Points of Benefit:

  • When talking about Quran leaning and memorization, people may think it’s only applicable for children and youth
  • rather, these episodes are targeted for all age groups
  • don’t only take from these episodes that you tell your child to memorize Quran and not do anything yourself
  • rather, these episodes are to encourage you to undertake memorization along with your children
  • Sh Fahd agrees that at older age, it’s not easy to memorize and retain the memorization but Allah has also said, “We have facilitated the Quran for remembrance. Is there any who will remember?
  • So, the Quran has been facilitated not just for children,  but for people of all ages!
  • Sh Fahd gives numerous examples: a 60-year-old man in his masjid who memorized the Quran, and Umm Taha, an elderly Jordanian woman who doesn’t know how to read and write, yet she memorized Quran in its entirety. This is proof that you can do it!
  • Maybe you won’t be able to memorize it in 2, 3, 4, years
  • it doesn’t matter if it takes you 10, 15 years to finish it but what matters is your intention. Just set that goal and make your intention purely for the sake of Allah and Allah will surely help you
  • Memorize the Quran whether you’re young or old, for Allah has facilitated it
  • Allah gives the Quran to those who loves it. Once one develops that love, Allah guides them and they learn  it. – Hajjah As Sayida As Sayid Al Sharif

  • Strive in memorizing Quran, even if it’s just ayah per day
  • Just because of your intention to memorize, Allah will not let that effort go to waste!
  • Abdul Mu’iz, an elderly man who memorized the entire Quran, had such a rigorous revision schedule because he is afraid of losing it or forgetting it due to old age. It’s like landing on a pile of treasure and watching it vigilantly lest  it gets lost.
  • Do we ever wonder why we don’t forget surah Al Fatihah? it’s because we say it in salat everyday. It’s the repetition that allows you to retain it
  • Tip for memorization :-
  • For example, if you have memorized a page today, look at it in the mushaf and recite it while looking repetitively about 15 times at the very least
  • this imprints the image of that page in your mind and will last a longer time

An Interview with a Grandmother who completed memorization  of the entire Quran at 82 years old.


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