Traveler With the Quran : Apply

TravelerQuranIn this episode, Sh Fahd takes us to Morroco and talks to Hasan al Musailim who started at a young age. His father has five sons, and sent them all off to school except for Hasan. When Hasan was 9 or 10, his father took him to the masjid and he was taught to read, write which Hasan picked up so quickly. He attributes this to his father’s passion and love for the Quran. Sh Fahd also visits Abrar Misr, a center for people with special needs and talks to Muhammad Rifaat Khaleel, 28 years old, mentally and auditorily disabled, but has such a desire and determination to memorize the whole Quran. He has so far memorized Juz Amma.

Points of Benefit:

  • Anas Ibn Malik narrated that the Prophet saw said, “There would be a reciter of Quran whom the Quran curses.”
  • Why? Because this person memorizes it, recites it, but doesn’t act upon it
  • For example, he recites the ayat about Riba but still continues to indulge in Riba
  • he recites the verses of backbiting, assumption and spying and he goes around backbiting, spreading rumors and this and that
  • he memorized the ayaat about being good to parents and he is the worst to his parents
  • the sahabah used to memorize no more than 10 ayaat of a surah, they they’d implement them, then they’d memorize 10 more and implement them
  • the point is not really how much you memorized or how much is left for you to finish memorizing, but how much you implement!
  • Surah Zumar 39:55
  • 39:55
    Sahih International

    And follow the best of what was revealed to you from your Lord before the punishment comes upon you suddenly while you do not perceive,

  • memorizing is beautiful when you follow and implement
  • Surah Al An’aam 6:155
  • 6:155
    Sahih International

    And this [Qur’an] is a Book We have revealed [which is] blessed, so follow it and fear Allah that you may receive mercy.

  • in the battle of Yamaamah, where a lot of the hufaadh among the sahabah were martyred, Ammar Ibn Yaasir would call upon them “Oh people of Quran, beautify the Quran with your actions!”
  • let’s do the same and beautify our lives by applying the commandments of Allah from the Quran in our lives
  • the parent’s passion and love for the Quran will have an impact on the child, Allah will bless that love, and the child will pick it up so quickly
  • don’t have your child memorize the Quran just for the sake of it, but intend it to seek Allah’s pleasure
  • make it your greatest act of worship
  • read biographies of the sahabah, their stories are so beautiful and touching that it will impact your heart when memorizing the Quran
  •  Abu Bakr used to memorize Quran and pray with it  at night
  • Umar would put it into action
  • Uthman Ibn Affan said, “If your hearts are truly pure, you would feel you never had enough of the Quran!”
  • he used to pray at night with the entire Quran
  • imagine how inspired you would be when reading about the lives of these sahabah!
  • Abdullah Ibn Masood would be asked by the Prophet saw “Recite the Quran to me.”
  • Ubayy Ibn Kaab is  the master of the reciters
  • Abdullah Ibn Abbas is the master of the interpreter of the Quran
  • the point is that the exposure to the lives of these people will motivate, and help you memorize, implement and reflect upon the Quran and never abandon it
  • Do you know that now that you have memorized this Quran, it defends you? It’s basically your life now
  • And imagine, for the one who memorizes the Quran, on the horrible Day of Judgment, when the sun comes close to the people, and people will be desperate and seek intercession
  • but for the haafidh, he knows he has a dear friend
  • The Prophet saw said, “Recite the Quran, for it comes to intercede for its people on the Day of Judgement
  • The Quran intercedes for you, defends you and leads you to Jannah!

From Al Haafidh : Warning About Memorizing the Quran Without Acting Upon It & Virtues of the Haafidh

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