Traveler With the Quran : Submit


In this episode, Sh Fahd visits Mauritania and talks to Sh Muhammad Hasan and Sh Hamadi. Sh Fahd also takes us to Mahallat in Egypt where he talks with two young huffaadh.

Points of Benefit:

  • Know that the knowledge of the Quran is the best knowledge you can engage your mind in. – Ibn Al Barri
  • It’s the best type of knowledge you could learn, teach and engage your mind in
  • From hadith, Awwahi (the memorizers) are the family of Allah, the Maharah (the proficient ones) are with the Ambassadors (Kiraaman baraarah)
  • Allah said, :Then We caused to inherit the Book those We have chosen for Our servants and among them is he who wrongs himself, and among them is he who is moderate. and among them is he who is foremost in good deeds by the permission of Allah.
  • That inheritance is the great bounty
  • He who wrongs himself is the one who was overcome with his sins
  • he who is moderate, some say is the one with equal amount of good and bad deeds
  • he who is foremost in good deeds is the one who had more good deeds
  • and they will enter gardens of eternal residence
  • it is essential for a memorizer of Quran to humble oneself and take the Quran’s words to heart and feel that this is Allah’s words
  • Allah says, Hashr 59:21
  • 59:21
    Sahih International

    If We had sent down this Qur’an upon a mountain, you would have seen it humbled and coming apart from fear of Allah . And these examples We present to the people that perhaps they will give thought.

  • even the Prophet saw, when the Quran was revealed to him by Jibreel, he (saw) used to take it to heart, described beautifully in surah Shuara
  • Shuaraa 26:192-195
  • 26:192
    Sahih International

    And indeed, the Qur’an is the revelation of the Lord of the worlds.

  • 26:193
    Sahih International

    The Trustworthy Spirit has brought it down

  • 26:194
    Sahih International

    Upon your heart, [O Muhammad] – that you may be of the warners –

  • 26:195
    Sahih International

    In a clear Arabic language.

  • Allah also describes the believers, the state when Allah is mentioned, their hearts become fearful and when His ayaat are recited to them, it increased them in iman
  • The Quran is only difficult for those who take it as difficult
  • start with a daily portion that  is easy for each individual even if it’s one ayah per day
  • continue that way till one finishes and then keep revising it
  • throughout the episodes, it can be seen that a person of any age can memorize Quran to perfection

Advice from Abdul Rahman, the young blind haafidh:

  • Has not the time come for us to humbly submit and return to the Quran?
  • such that a person like Sh Fahd has taken the trouble to travel to many places to show us the miracle of Quran, among the Arabs and non Arabs, between the east and west and between developed and under developed countries, old and young, girls and boys, so that you may find your role model among them.

From Fajr : I don’t think it ends like that



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