Traveler With the Quran : Listen More


In this episode, Sh Fahd goes to Istanbul and talks to a haafidh, Fatih, who started at age 15 and finished at age 16/17. He is also an Imam and is now also teaching Quran. He also visits Abrar Misr, an institute for people with special needs. He talks to Ahmad, who  has mental disability, and tests him with ayaat mutashaabihaat, to which Ahmad is able to distinguish perfectly.

Points of Benefit:

  • Pick a qari who you like listening to and are proficient reciters, and listen to their recitation for the page/s you are memorizing, Do this a couple of times and in sha Allah, your memorization will be solidified.
  • Sh. Fatih says that acts of worship that he has been doing such as fasting and praying are much more enhanced and meaningful after he connected with the Quran. How about us? Do our acts of worship feel lacking and in need of something to solidify it? Are we connecting to the Quran and Allah?

Two Hidden gems in memorization of Quran

  • there are many hidden gems in memorization of Quran

1. compete with your friends, spouse of children

  • make sure your kids’ friends are those who compete with them in the Quran
  • Sh Fahd shares that he is very motivated by competing with those whom he loves

2. Another important secret is to practice reading at a fast pace, called al 7adr

  • it will help you revise more especially if you have memorized a large portion of the Quran

From The Rightful Recital Lesson List taught by Sh Ayman Suwayd


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