Traveler With the Quran : Essentials


In this episode, Sh Fahad visits the center of Sheikhul Islam Mostafa Afandi in Turkey where the Quran is memorized within 1 year. The students don’t go home during that period and focus on memorizing the Quran. Their schedule begins at tahajud time where the students wake up to pray tahajud and then memorize till Fajr time and rests after that. Before enrollment, the students are tested to see how long it takes them to memorize 1 page. If it takes them an hour or two, they are accepted and are thereafter required to memorize 3-5 pages daily, spending about 9 hours daily. Sh Fahad also visits Egypt and talks with a haafidh, Abdul Rahman Jamal who started memorizing at age 7 and completed at age 11 and then rememorized it with Tajweed and finished that at grade 9, and then learned the 10 Qira’aat.


Points of Benefit:

3 Important Things

1. Be flexible, don’t be too hard on yourself

  • suppose you are to memorize 2 pages a day, then you came across exams, family issues, etc, no problem, reduce the amount
  • suppose you were revising 1 or 2 juzz daily and you suddenly find it difficult, don’t worry, just reduce the amount
  • this flexibility is important

2. During period of memorizing, seize the golden opportunities

  • let’s say Ramadan comes, and you get to go to Makkah and Madinah, do more memorization while there, in those blessed lands
  • or if there is Quran competition, enter it
  • the important thing is to take advantage of these golden opportunities to get motivated

3. Evaluate your plan of memorizing the Quran

  • from time to time, ask yourself, am I implementing my plan properly?
  • Am I revising properly? Am I on track to finish in 2/3 years as planned?
  • a haafidh who is slack in revising  may not know where they are reciting from but one who has perfected his memorization knows where he is reciting from
  • Prophet saw said, whoever reads one letter from the Book of Allah gets 1 hasanat and that is multiplied 10 times, and we don’t say Alif lam meem is one letter. Alif is one letter,  lam is one letter and meem is one letter. Alif lam meem is 30 hasanaat.
  • imagine how many letters we have in the Quran, 320,000 letters in the Quran
  • Who doesn’t want this reward? Realize this blessing oh Haafidh al Quran!

From Productive Muslim : Productivity and Hifdh


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