Traveler With the Quran : Pray for Your Kids


In this episode, Sh Fahad is in Egypt and talks to Muadh, who started memorizing halfway and then was afflicted with a disease for a whole year. He stopped even going to the sheikh to memorize anymore at that time and he despaired and made dua to Allah desperately. Within a month, the dieases was gone. He resumed memorizing and picked it up so quickly and completed it. Sh Fahad also talks to Muhammad, an 8-year-old boy who started memorizing at age 3 and completed at age 6.

Points of Benefit:

  • Sh Fahad shares a story of when he was the Imam of the one of the masaajid in Kuwait, whenever he made a mistake in long surah, only one person corrected him, a very old man. So Sh Fahad asked this man if he memorized the Quran and mashaaAllah he does. Sh Fahad assumed that he had memorized at a young age but the man said he memorized the Quran at age 60. Sh Fahad was very surprised and asked how. The old man said that his mother, everyday until she passed away, made dua that her son would memorize the Quran. Subhanallah…
  • parents who wish to see their children memorize the Quran, make dua, in sujud, at time of istijaabah, make dua
  • The Prophet saw said that there are 3 dua that never get rejected, and one of them is the dua of the parents
  • Muadh’s father advises parents : Those of you with young children, get them to memorize the Quran. If you’re busy bring them a teacher, and if you send them to Quranic centers, follow up with them at home
  • that status of a haafidh is not like any other status
  • once people know a person is a haafidh, they respect him and invite him to gatherings etc
  • this is entirely from Allah
  • Umar ra.a. appointed a governor to represent him and one day that man came to see Umar r.a. in Madinah. Umar r.a. asked him “Who did you leave behind in your place to fulfill the responsibilities?” The governor replied, ” I left it with Ibn Al Bazi, a slave.” And Umar r.a. said, “You appointed a slave?” The governor said, “He is a man who  perfects the book of Allah.” Umar a.s. said, “By Allah, I heard the Prophet said, ‘Allah elevates people through this book and puts others down through it. I hope Ibn Al Bazi is one of them.'”
  • Umar r.a. didn’t know who Ibn Al Bazi was but once he heard he was a haafidh, he praises him
  • Oh Parents, don’t you wish to have a child to whom you can open any pages in the Quran and he will recite it to you from memory?

From Al Muqarraboon : Medical Student Memorized Quran in 2 and a Half Months


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