Traveler With the Quran : Revise With Your Child


In this episode, Sh Fahad brings us to Chechnya where he visits  a center for Quran memorization and is impressed by the facilities, schedule and emergency underground tunnel! He also visits Abrar Masr Insitute and talks to Abdul Wahab Abdul Latif, a hafidh with down syndrome. Sh Fahad also talks to his mother who said that a doctor encouraged them to have him memorize the Quran. His mother says that they would have him listen to the Quran and whenever he hears it he would run to get the Quran and show the ayat that was recited. They got him a Quran teacher after that.

Points of Benefit:

  • There are 100 students and 5 teachers at the center
  • it also has many other facilities including a soccer field, gym, wrestling center

3 Secrets to memorization by Sh Fahad

1. Fajr time is the perfect time for memorization

  • Allah draws our attention to make Fajr time important, especially for the memorizer
  • at this time, the mind is clear, blessings descend and the rewards are multiplied
  • dedicate a page for memorization at that time
  • try memorizing a page at Fajr time and one at Zuhr time and see the difference in quality
  • this is the secret !

2. another secret done by Sh Fahad is revising a few pages before going to bed

  • he finds that when he wakes up, those pages are solidified in his memory

3. a small manageable amount is better than large non manageable amounts

  • don’t push yourself too hard
  • don’t do it like that  if you can’t sustain it
  • you need consistency in memorizing Allah’s book

The daily schedule at the Quran center in Chechnya

  • after Fajr, they dedicate 4 hours of memorization time, dedicated to both memorization and memorization tests
  • they are more ready to receive new information then at that time
  • then they have breakfast and rest till Zuhr time, they eat lunch before Zuhr
  • the time between Zuhr and Asr, a period of 3 hours,  is dedicated for revision
  • between Asr and Maghrib is gym time
  • from Maghrib to Isha they revise and get ready fot the next day’s tests
  • after Isha they go to sleep
  • it’s a balanced schedule where they get leisure time as well
  • Students spend a maximum of 3 years in the center memorizing Quran but some may finish earlier

Encouraging your children to memorize Quran

  • you can’t take the role of the Quran teacher but have your child recite for you
  • it makes them feel how important memorization is for you and they will realize you love the Quran and they will be motivated by this
  • After meals, when you spend time with family and relatives, call your child and ask him to recite
  • Listen to your child’s recitation all the time in order to motivate them

Special needs Huffaadh

  • people with special needs who memorize Quran should make us feel ashamed of our shortcomings with regards to fulfilling the rights of the Quran
  • advice from Umm Abdul Wahab:- instead of being happy of your child learning a song, direct their learning in a better way, towards the Book of Allah!

From Quran Weekly : Quran At Fajr


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