Traveler with the Quran : Motivate Your Child

TravelerQuranIn this episode, Sh Fahad is in the Egyptian village of Arab Ar Raml at one of the 45 Quranic centers founded by Sh Isam Yousuf, and then interviews Muhannad, an 11-year-old boy who is already on his way to obtaining and ijaazah.

Points of Benefit:

  • Once you find a Quran teacher for your child, make sure you agree on a schedule for your child and make that schedule in hard copy
  • The teacher will mark their assignment and revision and mark it and remark how s/he did
  • Then your child will come to you to have his record signed as acknowledgement and reward your child each time
  • this is an excellent record for your child even after he finished memorizing
  • if your child comes with not so good a remark from his teacher, and you sign this, give a little penalty and introduce the concept of reward and punishment
  • for penalty, maybe the days of the weeks they would have off, don’t let them have it as days off
  • to motivate your child, let him meet with his favorite Qari
  • this is the best motivation and Sh Fahad has personally tried it when he was young
  • the first step in memorizing Quran is to learn the letters, read and the rules of tajweed
  • There is a methodology called Ruhul Bayaan is where as they are memorizing, they learn Arabic and the tajweed rules

A parent’s role in a child memorizing the Quran

  • Muhannad started memorizing at age 3 with his mother and started with the shorter surahs verbally only
  • in grade 2, he learned to read and started memorizing 1 page per day and revising 1 juz per day
  • then his father began teaching him the tajweed rules and proper pronunciation and he continued on this way till he was done at age 10
  • Now, at the time of the interview, he’s 11 years old and already working on getting an ijaazah from multiple shuyookh
  • his parents always gave him gifts to encourage him and so he never felt like memorizing was a chore

From The Rightful Recital : Increase Your Hifdh Ability!


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