Traveler With the Quran: Respect Your Teacher


In this episode, Sh Fahad takes us to Morocco, and talks to Taha and his father. Then he takes us to Eygpt, to a village called Arab Ar Raml, and meets Sheikh Isam Yousuf nicknamed the “Servant of the Quran’ who founded up to 45 Quranic centers in that village alone.

Points of Benefit:

  • we put the status of a sheikh or teacher of Quran in a lower place than they deserve
  • as Taha’s father said, if we hire a math tutor, we pay him 1000 dirham, but for a teacher who teaches the Quran, we pay 100 dirham
  • when you wish for your child to memorize the Quran, hire a sheikh to your home or your child goes to the sheikh, either way, but have your child learn from a teacher
  • make sure the teacher has good manners, good reputation
  • Even Sh Fahad, a haafidh and qaari, he says, very rarely will a haafidh teach or do hifdh with his own children
  • this is because the respect for a teacher and the respect for a parent is different
  • Taha’s father mentioned an incident where when Taha was 10, he told Taha to kiss the hand of his Quran teacher and someone asked Taha’s father why would he make his son do that?
  • Taha’s father said that he’s teaching his son whose hand deserved to be kissed, those who teach the book of Allah
  • He also says that one of the door opener for the memorization of Quran is to love the people of Quran and respect them, that this is the beginning
  • Teach your children to respect and have good manners with his Quran teacher, to honor him like a father, discipline your child with these manners
  • at the same time, tell the sheikh as well that you don’t want him to only teach your child the Quran, but also give him tarbiyyah in manners just like the manners of the Prophet saw
  • Select the right person for this mission inshaa Allah !
  • Taha’s father was asked how he felt when Taha completed memorizing the Quran and he said that he had accomplished many things in life but nothing made him feel greater than this
  • If you are keen on your child memorize the Quran, don’t  be harsh with him and make him hate it
  • there are people who make it difficult on the child, not allowing them to socialize etc
  • the only way a haafidh should  be different is by doing right when others are doing wrong
  • never be violent
  • Taha’s father shares that he made sure Taha never learned except from a merciful teacher
  • Sit with you child and tell them, My child, you are memorizing Quran now, when you do that, you will honor me and your mother, Allah wil honor and give you more that you ever realize and all your wishes may come true
  • if you use authority and force, one day you may lose it, and your child may finish memorizing  but he may hate it
  • but if you motivate your child, they will hold strong to it even after they grow up and get married because you started with the right way, by motivating and instilling a love for the Quran
  • Taha’s advice for youth :- The Quran is like a precious jewel, what counts is the true intentions and sincere efforts to memorize Quran

From the Rightful Recital : Reciting to Multiple Teachers : Part 1 A Word to the Students

From the Rightful Recital : Reciting to Multiple Teachers: Part 2 A Word to the Teachers


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