Traveler With the Quran: Arabic

TravelerQuranIn this episode, Sh. Fahad takes us to Turkey and tests several students from a Quran memorization institute. He remarks again and again about Arabic.

Points of Benefit:

  • At the time of the caliphate of Uthman r.a., Turkey had become part if the Islamic lands
  • the greatest victory was when Muhammad AL Fatih opened the city of Istanbul and this land became the seat of the Ottoman empire
  • It lasted for about 8 centuries until the establishment of the Republic of Turkey in 1923 founded by Mustafa Kamal Attaturk
  • During his reign, he cancelled Arabic, even the azhaan, and anything to do with Islamic affairs, and tried to move the people away from Quran, but the Quran remained well in the hearts of the people
  • Today, we find that in Turkey, they take very great care of the Quran
  • they celebrate the completion of memorization of Quran very much  like they celebrate their Eid
  • Sh. Fahad listened to a Turkish boy recite, and he cried, because the letters of Arabic seemed difficult for the boy to pronounce, but he worked at attaining its perfection anyway
  • Are we falling short towards fulfilling the rights of the Quran?
  • Arabic is not the native tongue of the Turkish people, so imagine having to spend an entire year just learning the Arabic alphabets and then after 2-3 years of memorizing the Quran, they still don’t understand it. Imagine then how easy it is for native Arabic speakers to do this, yet are we putting much effort towards this?
  • Take this as an inspiration oh parents, to teach your child the Quran and have them memorize the Quran
  • Truly, for native Arabic speakers, this can be a hujjah against them, where it’s relatively easy for them to memorize this book which is in Arabic, and the rest of the Muslim population who don’t speak or know Arabic, for them, they have to go through so much difficulty in memorizing and learning to understand the Quran.

From Fee Qalbee: A meeting with Allah


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