Want to Study the Deen?

A dear friend asked me to send her way any resources I come across with regards to studying the deen, so she can see what best fits her needs and circumstances. So I thought, why not compile all the resources I can get or come across and put them all in one place for easy reference? Hence the birth of this page called Ilm Resources, which can be found at the very top of this blog, and which hopefully will be updated as new resources are shared with me or come my way biizhnillah.

May Allah give us tawfeeq to study and deepen our basic knowledge of this beautiful deen in a journey of seeking Him and His pleasure and may He keep us sincere throughout till the end. Ameen!!!

Call others not to a certain personality or a certain institute, but call others to Allah, for in Him, is where the truth and true treasure lies. Anonymous


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