The Quran, Our Children, And Us

I haven’t been able to muster up enough time and energy to regularly write for SISTERS magazine as of late, but when they opened up a Quran theme, I found myself getting excited. I didn’t have to research or pore much over writing an article I finally chose to write as it comes from what I have and am still going through and hopefully will continue to go through with a lot of progress till the day I die. Attached (link below) is the article that came out in SISTERS magazine July 2013 issue. It’s a new series on Quran and Our Children that they’re starting. This is the first in the series.

Quran and children


2 thoughts on “The Quran, Our Children, And Us

  1. ما شا الله juli you are an inspiration to us all! بارك الله فيك
    Looking forward to a book on parenting by juli Herman انشا الله

    • I really don’t believe I’m qualified at all to write a parenting book and am really hesitant about it. If there is going to be any writing at all, it will probably be a memoir so ppl can learn from my mistakes 🙂

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