INSPIRED DRIVING: Sh Omar’s Ramadan Resolution

Day 15 (Inspired Driving)

One of the easiest wasted opportunities to please Allah is while driving. Most will listen to radio news, music, make random phone calls, or just vent to themselves about traffic. But in reality, driving provides a unique opportunity for reflection and switching out your music CDs (yes even halal nasheeds) and NPR time with Quran and Islamic lectures can have an immense effect on you. Remember, Ramadan is about taking idle time and making it useful. By getting yourself used to listening to the Quran/Islamic lectures, you’re turning your driving experience into an act of worship! Not only do the commutes become easier, they actually become greatly rewarding experiences.

Think about it, in this day and age, what other time of the day do we really get to spend time in solitude? Not only that, but how many people die in car accidents on a daily basis? What better way to meet Allah than with the Quran in your ears, heart, and upon your tongue?

You’d be surprised how much easier it is to also really become emotionally impacted by the Quran and/or a good lecture while driving as opposed to while at home in front of your computer (Ref. Ramadan Resolution Day 12). You know why? Because you don’t have all of those other distractions that often hinder your ability to reflect.

Make this a permanent Ramadan change and you’ll thank me later inshaAllah

And by the way, if you still have a cassette player like I do, get a hold of some of those old Imam Siraaj Wahhaj and Sh. Abdullah Hakim Quick tapes!


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