Jannah Last

This morning, we were listening to Ustadh Nouman’s tafseer on Surah al Fajr. I have always loved the last part of this surah, and even in my ignorance of the beauty of the Arabic language, I could appreciate this last segment of the surah from the depths of my heart. Subhanallah, it really, really speaks to you as an individual. That it does.

Here, Allah uses the second person and addresses the one who is reciting the Quran, directly. One on one. And so you can feel Allah’s immense love in this part subhanallah.

Sahih International

[To the righteous it will be said], “O reassured soul,

Allah addresses the individual reciter. Allah addresses the satisfied Nafs. This is in Jannah, where you will not be in want of anything more like you probably are in this world. In this world, we always want more. There is always more that we want. But in Jannah, everything is sufficient, and in fact, the pleasure increases each day, so you will be content and completely satisfied.
Sahih International

Return to your Lord, well-pleased and pleasing [to Him],

First, Allah says, ‘Return to your lord.’ This is the first ‘reward’ if you will. The highest pleasure you can ever get is to return to your Master, while you are pleasing to Him and He is pleased with you. What more can you ask for?
In this world, people who seek other than Allah, usually, deep inside, they won’t attain true contentment or fulfillment. It’s only in seeking Allah that one finds true fulfillment in this world. Of course, there are problems that usually come with it, for when you strive to seek Allah, your sincerity is tested and other things may become difficult for you, such as your career, relationship with family members or friends, etc.  But the ‘high’ that you feel when you are seeking Allah’s pleasure is truly unparalleled.
Sahih International

And enter among My [righteous] servants

The next thing Allah mentions is the company of His righteous slaves. First, you are offered Alllah’s very own company (in the previous ayah). The next best company is the righteous company.
When we learn about and hear stories about the prophets and sahabah, etc, we wish that we could actually meet them. How cool would it be to actually be able to meet with Musa alayhi salam and talk to him ourselves, and ask him about his adventures? How amazing would it be to actually be able to meet with the Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wasallam himself and see for ourselves what has been described in ahadeeth about him? Subhanallah. Sometimes your heart even aches from the yearning to be able to see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in person.
In this instance, Allah is granting you that very-much sought company…subhanallah!
Sahih International

And enter My Paradise.”

Guess what? After the company of Allah, then His righteous servants, come what we most often mention when we talk about doing good deeds and obeying Allah; Jannah.
Allah puts Jannah last! We put it first! But subhanallah….when we truly think about the essence of why we obey Allah and His messenger sallallaahu alayhi wasallam, it’s truly Allah and the company of His righteous servants that we yearn for. Jannah is just the side benefits really.
Allah describes it a lot in the Quran though. This is as a motivator for us, and because maybe most of us are stimulated by physical attractions, and we are short sighted. Promises of these things appeal to us more than a deeper relationship with Allah or His prophets and righteous servants. But even if it’s Jannah that we covet, it doesn’t mean it’s easier. The price of Jannah is not cheap. In order to get Jannah, we have to get through Allah, and we basically have to work in pleasing Him, and that essentially boils down to developing a close relationship with Him. So in the course of pursuing Jannah, one will inadvertently grow to love Allah so much so that he realizes that Allah’s company and the company of those whom He loves are what he really is seeking for, and that Jannah is secondary. Subhaanallah….
May Allah make us of the Muqarraboon and ahlul Jannah. Ameen!

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