Multnomah Falls

2013Apr14 278Our next adventure:- Multnomah Falls.

The second day of hub’s conference, we went to pick him up as usual. As usual, he told me to research where we want to go and decide beforehand. I had to catch up with my missed classes and my hifdh so I didn’t really get to research and to be honest, I wasn’t in the mood to go anywhere, since it was already after 5 pm and things would be close and I thought he wouldn’t want to drive outside of Portland. Most of the things that are worth experiencing in Oregon (from my pre-trip research) were outside of Portland. After experiencing the California coast, any city attractions paled in comparison to Allah’s creations in nature.

Well, with recommendation from his buddies who had lived in Portland for a while, hubs knew where he wanted to take us. So, in that rainy evening, he drove us towards Multnomah Falls, about an hour outside of Portland. All the while I was thinking to myself,

“Seriously? It’s almost maghrib. It’s raining. And we’re going to waterfall? Ummm..isn’t that kind of ….dangerous? ”

But, I didn’t say anything because it was interesting that hubs wanted to drive that far after a long day at his conference. Plus, it was an adventure, so why not. We passed by some other falls, subhanallah, they are beautiful! There were a series of waterfalls, with Multnomah being the biggest of them.

2013Apr14 276

When we got to Multnomah Falls, it was still drizzling, the sky looked glum and it was almost maghrib. We got down anyway. I said to hubs,

“Are you sure? Aren’t they closed or supposed to be close around this time anyway?”

“Let’s just go,” he replied.

So we went. BEAUTIFUL subhaanallah! We had experienced the California coast, we had experienced the Oregon coast, and this was another experience alhamdulillah. Not to say that this was the first waterfall we had been to. I had been to waterfalls in Malaysia, which are amazing too subhanallah, but it had been a while since we had gone to any waterfalls, with the kids at that. So I really appreciated this. There were trails, and so we went up towards the bridge. There were still some people hiking down from the top of the trail, so I guess we weren’t too late.

2013Apr14 280

2013Apr14 284

I spent most of the time snapping pictures, but as I approached the bridge, the mist from the waterfall fogged up my camera lenses and when I took photos, they looked like I had made a foggy, mysterious effect on purpose. I tried wiping the lenses dry but to no avail, so I finally just gave up and enjoyed the scenery through my Allah-given eyes, alhamdulillah. Hubs wanted to hike up the trail all the way to the top, but by himself. He had gone on ahead with the kids, and they realized it was too steep, so he came back down and told me to stay with the kids back at the gift shop while he hiked up the trail to the top of the falls.

“Uh uh,” I said, as I resumed taking photos.

2013Apr14 285

2013Apr14 293

2013Apr14 294

2013Apr14 295

I was fascinated by the forests of Northwest Oregon. The tree limbs and trunks are mostly covered by soft moss. Imagine, in winter, these limbs are clothed in white!

2013Apr14 298

The hiking trail leading towards the bridge and then further up towards the top of the falls

2013Apr14 297

2013Apr14 299

2013Apr14 301

2013Apr14 302

The bridge was wet and misty, but it gave a wonderful view and experience of the falls

2013Apr14 303

2013Apr14 311

2013Apr14 317

This was the result of my camera lenses being fogged up by the mist.

2013Apr14 348

2013Apr14 334

I couldn’t help but take a snapshot of this tree trunk.

2013Apr14 353

2013Apr14 371

The kids and I walked back down, drenched from the mist and sprays of the falls, and it was getting chilly too. We entered the gift shop and browsed through it. The kids checked out some souvenirs and toys while I was drawn to the books. I actually spent the wait time reading a book about the history of natural disasters in Oregon.

Then it occurred to me,

Oh my god, hubs is up there on the trail. This is sounding like our Hawaii trip back in 2005 when he swam out to where the surfers were, leaving me playing with sand on the beach. For a long time, I thought he was going to either be eaten by a shark (since it was around just after fajr time) or get hit by a surfer’s board and drown, and I would be a widow. It’s slippery, wet, and getting dark, and he’s on the trail trying to get to the top of the falls.

Now and then I asked the kids,

“Did Abi text you yet?”


I continued reading the book. Apparently, Oregon has had its fair share of natural disasters throughout history. The tsunami evacuation warning signs I had seen at Seaside and Cannon Beach now made sense. When I saw those signs, I thought to myself,

Oh, these are just one of those extra precaution measures the Americans tend to take. Tsunami on the west coast? Never heard of it!

Well, apparently, Oregon has had tsunamis that originate all the way from Alaska. In the book, a narrative was told of a family who went camping on the beach, and a tsunami hit them. They ended up losing one or two of their children. Subhanallah.

While I was reading the book, I thought,

Subhanallah, as much as it is beautiful, there are dangers lurking underneath this amazing lush land.

It’s like a deceiving garden of beauty, where things look so beautiful and calm, but without forewarning, disaster can strike anytime, even if precaution was taken. This is the nature of this worldly life. Subhanallah…

If you think about it, it can be somewhat distressing to live life and not know what might hit you. One can get very paranoid too. So, subhanallah, isn’t it a mercy of Allah that He forewarns of the state and nature of this worldly life, and then tells us of what to look forward to in the hereafter, if we obey Him? The concept of trusting Allah and having tawakkul in Him actually puts our hearts at ease and at peace. Knowing that tests and trials are part of this life also puts us at ease. Alhamdulillah.

“Did Abi text you yet?”

“Yeah. he said he’s coming in about 10 minutes.”

“Ok, you can go pay for your stuff and get ready to go.”

S had gotten her shoes wet from the hike and so she was drying them. I worried about her toes and fingers too due to her diagnosed Raunaud’s syndrome recently. Her fingers and toes were wet and cold, and she was supposed to keep them warm all the time.

Alhamdulilah, hubs came back, and said that his knees were hurting from the climb, and that the trail was closed, so he didn’t quite get to the top of the falls. He was tired and grumpy. He asked us where we wanted to go and so naturally I said,

“Go find dinner.”

We decided to try this East African restaurant. Had some trouble finding it, and drove through a different part of the town. The restaurant was pretty, but pretty expensive too. We only bought some beef that fit in a small container and it was 10 bucks. We went home, cooked rice and ate that, and hubs, already tired from the conference and the climb, grumped about us wanting to find dinner, especially since it was expensive.

It was a long day. Either way, I’m glad he did stubbornly decided to drive to the falls. It was really worth it alhamdulillah! May Allah grant us an even more breath taking sight in Jannah. Ameen!


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