Traveler With the Quran: Respect Your Teacher


In this episode Sheikh Fahad takes us to Morocco, and talks with Taha, the boy who memorized Quran in one year. Sheikh Fahad talks to Taha’s father, who talked about how important it is to have utmost respect of the teacher of Quran. Sheikh Fahad also takes us to Egypt to meet a Quran teacher in the village of Arab Ar Raml, Sheikh Isam Yousuf, who has been nicknamed the Servant of the Quran for his great effort in teaching the Quran to his village people.He founded 45 Quranic Centers just in that village, dedicated only to memorization of the Quran. The method of Noor Al Bayan is taught in his Quranic Centers to children starting from age 3 and in 1 and half years, they are able to recite the Quran with tajweed.

Points of Benefit:

  • Have a sheikh or teacher of Quran who is qualified, have good manners and reputation teach your child Quran and to memorize
  • Either you send your child to his home or invite him to come to your house. This way, his attention is on your child alone
  • Train your child to learn to respect his teacher
  • One of the door openers for those who memorize Quran is loving the people of Quran
  • Ask your child’s teacher before he starts teaching your child, to not only teach your child to memorize the Quran, but also to teach him good manners and respect
  • Don’t ever force your child to memorize the Quran. Rather, use encouragement and motivation to make him love the Quran
  • if you use force and authority now, one day you will lose your authority, and your child might leave the Quran
  • Some of the ways to make him love the Quran is to mention the virtues and blessings of those who memorize Quran such as “Once you memorize the Quran, you may find that you can have what you wish for, and be protected from evil. You will honor me and your father with crown of light on the Day of Judgment.”
  • Taha’s father mentioned that in the old culture, Quran learning was always associated with a stern sheikh and a big stick. He made sure that Taha never learned the Quran from any such teacher but rather, always a mercfull teacher.

From Hidayah Institute : Tajweed Poem Tuhfatul Atfaal [as recited by the children in the village of Arab Ar Raml in this episode]


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