Restless and Can’t Sleep At Night?

We were listening to Nouman’s Quran Cover to Cover on Surah Sajdah this morning, and I can’t help but share this because it personally struck me so much.

Ayat 16

Sahih International

They arise from [their] beds; they supplicate their Lord in fear and aspiration, and from what We have provided them, they spend. [Sajdah 32:16]

This is a description of people who are restless at night, they toss and turn in their beds not because they have insomnia, or are worried about their financial future. Rather, these are people whom Ustadh Nouman states as those who really believe in the Akhirah. He gave an analogy of a mother whose son is overseas, sick in the hospital. She can’t sleep at night because she is worried about her son. She wants so much to call the people there to find out more about her son. She has fear that her son might get worse or die, yet she is hoping that he will be alright. This goes for any relationship that is close between two people. They are so close in relationship that anything that befalls one of them or just missing each other can cause sleepless nights.
The person described in this ayah above, has such a close relationship with Allah, that it renders him with the inability to sleep because he feels the urgent need to speak with His rabb then and there, and he does so, out of fear that his own sins might cause him to drown and lose the pleasure and relationship with Allah, and yet hopes that Allah will forgive him and bestow His mercy on him, and be pleased with Him anyway.
Subhanallah….as Ustadh Nouman said, this ayah may make us feel depressed.
“How can I ever reach that point? How can I be that close to Allah? This is like….unachievable for me!”
To be honest, that mirrors exactly how I felt when I heard his explanation of this ayah, subhanallah.
Ustadh Nouman then goes on to say that we have to build our relationship with Allah little by little, and we start with the concept of ‘Do no harm’. Do no harm unto others nor unto yourself. Don’t backbite, curse others, hurt others, break promises to others, nor should we harm ourselves by committing these and other prohibited things by Allah, because in essence, we are then asking for destruction by doing so.
While we are exercising that concept, we should also start memorizing and understanding the daily practical supplications that are from the Quran and sunnah. As my son said, there is a dua for everything. Practicing these duas shouldn’t just be a ritual practice, but with it, should come conscious awareness of the presence of Allah in our daily activities be it putting on or taking off clothes, entering or leaving the house or the masjid, entering the marketplace, eating, sleeping, waking up, having intimate relations with one’s spouse, you name it. These duas are one of the ways of building that relationship with Allah, and dua is one of the greatest form of worship.
It made me think, how we humans, we are sometimes proud of the fact that we are close with someone; another human being, be it a relative or a friend. However, how much do we think of our relationship with Allah? Do we strive enough to be close to Allah, or is Allah such a distant and abstract concept in our lives, that He seems so far away for us to bother doing anything to be close to Him? How truly concerned are we in our relationship with Allah?
Your close/best friend is the one you turn to when you are down or need help. If we are close to Allah, He would be the one we turn to in times of difficulty and in times of ease. We would feel a certain kind of void if we don’t communicate with Him on a regular basis. We would actually then look forward to performing salah, reciting Quran, waking up at night to talk to Him, etc. Subhanallah….may Allah give us tawfeeq to attain Qurb with Him and make us of the Muqarraboon! Ameen!

2 thoughts on “Restless and Can’t Sleep At Night?

  1. Ameen! Juli, how does one get this cover to cover? Does it encompass the whole quran? Buy on bayyinah..? not sure, pls enlighten 🙂
    Jazak Allah khair

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