Traveler With the Quran : Teaching Children


TravelerQuranIn this episode, Sheikh Fahad takes us to Egypt and interviews a young brilliant haafidh, Sharif, who attributes the hard work to his father.  He also memorized 11,000 ahadeeth by age 12.

Points of Benefit:

  • Sheikh Fahad’s sincere message to all parents, is that if you wish for your children to memorize the Quran, start planting the seeds early on, teach them to love and admire the Quran. The Quran is a great noble book from Allah, it’s the greatest investment for any parent
  • Some may think, “It’s so hard, I can’t make my child memorize the whole Quran!” but look at it as a large investment project. All investments are expected to give some revenue but they’re not guaranteed profit
  • This investment project however, is the only investment project that has a 100% guarantee of profit by the will of Allah, because the One who promises the profit is Allah Himself, and then His prophet salallaahu alayhi wasallam
  • Every investment project needs research, a feasibility study, which Sheikh Fahad will provide
  • The assets you will need are solid determination and strong desire for the profit of this project
  • You think your children is too young? This is the perfect time to memorize
  • as the old saying goes “Learning in early age is like engraving in stone.”
  • Haafidh Sharif’s father says that Sharif started memorizing short surahs at home with his mother, while listening to the recitation of Al Husari and then she took him to the masjid to learn with Abdul Shakour Mahmoud
  • Initially he took 4 years and memorized 4-5 years , but they transferred him home and he finished memorizing the rest of the Quran in 3 months
  • At around 8 years old he started to work on learning Qiraat and finished it in 6 months, which usually takes 8 years
  • Sharif admits that in the beginning of his journey of memorizing the Quran, he would spend about 8-10 hours per day memorizing half a page but then Allah improved his skills and he started memorizing a hizb (half a juz) per day.
  • He also admits that there were points in his study that it was very painful in the beginning, and it required a lot of hard work and sacrifrice, but that the results are worth all the pain
  • Sheikh Fahad talks about a family who is distinguished with memorization of Quran, with girls age 11, 9 and 6, all of whom memorized the Quran with perfection
  • Sheikh Fahad asks the father, how did he teach his daughters to memorize the Quran with such perfection at such an age?
  • The father says that all his daughters memorized the Quran at age 6, and that when his wife was pregnant, she would read and listen to Quran during the day and even before going to bed, everyday, until the girls were born
  • When the girls were newborns, they would play the Quran in the car, at home, and they would listen to the parents recite Quran
  • Let your children hear Quran growing up, wherever they are, in the car, before going to bed, before going to school
  • All those hand held devices, Ipod, Ipad, audio devices, let them hear it repeatedly from these, at least Juz Amma when they’re 2-3.5 years old
  • So that when they grow a bit older, it’ll be easier for them to memorize

From the Hifdh Club : Inspiration for Young Memorizers



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