Juz 1 : Hell and Paradise

Two instances in Juz 1 surah Al Baqarah where Allah refutes and presents the reality to what the Children of Israel assumes/try to do. In both instances, Allah begins the ayat with the word بَلى

First Instance

In Hellfire only for a few days? Seriously, whoever earns evil, he will be of the companions of the hellfire and will abide in it permanently.

Sahih International

Yes, whoever earns evil and his sin has encompassed him – those are the companions of the Fire; they will abide therein eternally. [2:81]

This ayat comes after their claim of spending only a few days in the hellfire because they are Children of Israel. Allah refutes this claim and instead specifies what would qualify one to enter hellfire and states the period of stay as well. Here, the Children of Israel are trying to make light of Allah’s punishment and giving privileges to themselves, so Allah refutes and responds with affirmation that no, the stay will be permanent.
Sahih International

And they say, “Never will the Fire touch us, except for a few days.” Say, “Have you taken a covenant with Allah ? For Allah will never break His covenant. Or do you say about Allah that which you do not know?” [2:80]

Second Instance
You won’t enter Paradise unless you are a Jew or a Christian? Well, if you submit completely [note the word used here for this : اسلَمَ ] to Allah, his reward if with his Rabb and he has nothing to fear and nothing to grieve about.
Sahih International

Yes [on the contrary], whoever submits his face in Islam to Allah while being a doer of good will have his reward with his Lord. And no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve.[2:112]

This refutation comes after the Children of Israel claims that only the Jews and Christians will enter Paradise. Here, Allah takes away the restriction they have put on those who will enter Paradise, and gives good news to those who submits to Him and does things with ihsaan. He assures these people that they have nothing to worry or fear about. Here, the claim that is made basically excludes the Muslims, so Allah assures the Muslims that if they submit wholly to Allah and does ihsan in his affairs, he will have nothing to worry about.
Sahih International

And they say, “None will enter Paradise except one who is a Jew or a Christian.” That is [merely] their wishful thinking, Say, “Produce your proof, if you should be truthful.”[2:111]

Subhanallah, the contrast of these two instances shows how Allah states the reality of the claims that were made by the Children of Israel.

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