Traveler With the Quran : Revision Plans


In this episode Sheikh Fahad takes us to Istanbul where he visits the Great Green Masjid. The instructors explain how they teach the students to read the Quran starting from the very beginning, learning the Arabic letters.

Points of Benefit:

  • In memorizing Quran, there are certain assistive factors that can help make memorization easier, more stable and more perfect
  • One of these factors is understanding what you are memorizing
  • Read the tafseer of what you are memorizing
  • By understanding what you are memorizing, it makes it easier to remember and makes the memorization stronger
  • Sheikh Fahad shared a story of when he would make mistakes in taraweeh or Qiyaam, his father would ask him, “Ya Fahad, why don’t you try to read the tafaaseer of the ayaat you are reciting? There are beautiful stories in those ayaat..”
  • When Sheikh Fahad would recite it without understanding, his father would say that he didn’t feel the impact of the the words from his recitation
  • so he told his son to read the tafseer and recite it to him again, and when he did, his father said that his recitation is more impactful
  • It is a sweet experience to recite the Quran with understanding
  • In the interview with Sheikh Abdel Azeez, it was mentioned that even though Arabic was not the native language of the Turkish people, some mothers would recite Quran while pregnant, and when these babies come out, the Quran was already familiar to them, so the difficulty of reading the Quran, which is for them a foreign language, was made easy
  • Sheikh Fahad explains the Ottoman way of memorizing, which is unique way
  • The students begins by memorizing the last page of Juz 1, and the next day he memorizes the last page of Juz 2 and so on until he reaches Juz 30, so after 30 days he would have memorized the last pages of all the juz
  • Then he would go to the second last page of Juz 1 and so on till he reaches Juz 30
  • So he proceeds this way until when he recites alif lam meem in surah al baqarah, and that will be his last page of the Quran to memorize
  • memorizing Quran is important, but more important, is revision

Daily revision schedule:-

  • Revise at least a juz a day everyday
  • if you haven’t memorized up to a juz yet, revise all that you have memorized every day
  • but if you have memorized more than a juz, your revision shouldn’t be less than a juz per day

Weekly revision schedule:-

  • Pick one day and revise all that you have memorized for that week, and on that day, don’t do any new memorization

Monthly revision schedule:-

  • revise at least 5 juz each month
  • if you haven’t memorized 5 juz yet, then revise all that are memorized in the month, pick a day for that

From SuhaibWebb : How to Review What You’ve Memorized of the Quran


2 thoughts on “Traveler With the Quran : Revision Plans

  1. I really love the ottoman way of memorizing the Quran..but I am confused on how they will be memorizing the Quran in its right order after completing the whole Quran since they start from the last pages till the beginning throughout the whole mushaf..can anyone explain how this works?

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