Traveler With the Quran: Connect Verses


In this episode, Sheikh Fahad travels to Egypt and meets with Ahmad Mohammad Reda Abdul Fatah, who is blind. He started memorizing at age 3, orally, and finished when he was 9. At the time of the episode, he is a current student at Al Azhar, and wishes to further his studies in tafseer and be part of the faculty. He also visits Morocco, the capital Rabat, and goes to Masjid Hajj Mahmoud Al areefi and talks to Hasan al Qasimi, the instructor of the study circle. Sheikh Hasan explains the technique by which his students memorize. They use the lawh (board) method in which the sheikh would dictate the new portion to memorize and the student would write it on his board in front of the sheikh. The student then has to correct any mistakes in the writing if there are any, memorize it, and when ready for the new memorization, he will have to wash off the writing on the board. While he is washing it, he recites that passage that is being washed off, which takes about 10 minutes.

Points of Benefit:

  • Always connect your newly memorized segment with the most recent one so you don’t forget the older ones
  • While memorizing Quran, observe the practice of following the sunnah of the prophet saw, for his (saw) life was around the Quran
  • The prophet saw said “I left you that which if you hold on to, you shall never go astray; the book of Allah and my example.”
  • A sahabah came to the prophet saw and asked for advice, and the prophet saw responded “Keep yourself safe from the wrath of Allah,” and the sahabah insisted again for a stronger advice, and the prophet saw said, “Keep reciting the Quran, for it is light for you on the earth and a treasure for you in the sky.”

From Fajr: Sister Fajr’s Translation of Shaykh Mahmood Al Misri’s Causes that Aid in the Memorization of the Noble Quran


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